Princess Diana was angry with Prince William and Prince Harry

Princess Diana was angry with Prince William and Prince Harry

There have always been rumors about this Bad atmosphere between Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38).. Speculation about the relationship between the two brothers peaked after that The latter’s scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey (68).

Both William and Harry lived very revealing lives, and the spotlight has been on them since they were children. There was more interest at that time In 1997 they lost their mother, Diana.

She died in a tragic car accident in Paris, when paparazzi chased the car she was in. Her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul were also killed.

Princess Diana: The movie “Spencer” depicts the dramatic life of Princess Diana.
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The nightmare is real

Diana was fond of her sons and was glad that they were close to each other. According to Se og Hør royal house expert Caroline Vagel, her biggest nightmare was that the two brothers’ relationship would deteriorate.

Vagle has previously spoken about the feud between them.

– First of all, this is very sad. Two brothers who were once the most important to each other, have little or no connection. Their mother Diana’s biggest fear was precisely that her two sons would become unfriended, and she did everything in her power to strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately, there is still hostility.

Now Royal House expert and author, Andrew Morton, has spoken ET Online About the icy front between the two brothers. He also thinks Diana would have been disappointed.

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– He’ll be angry

Morton believed that the continuing feud between the two brothers would have angered Diana.

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– The only thing you’ll get angry at is that they have this crack, he tells ET Online and continues:

– She told me, not just once, but on several occasions, that Harry is to support William, in the best possible way, is to support him, he is the one who helps William with the difficult work he wants in the future because it is a single job. And I always felt that Harry should be there to support him, and I think everyone wants them to get back together, because together they are so much stronger.

Prince Harry: Prince Harry talks to Oprah in a series with Apple.
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The fact that the two brothers spent time together in connection with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is believed to be a matter of respect.

They’ve been through this week and the past few days out of respect and love for the Queen and have acted flawlessly. Will they get back together? It’s up to them, says Morton.

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