Princess Ingrid Alexandra Trained Skydiving – VG

Princess Ingrid Alexandra Trained Skydiving - VG

Princess Ingrid Alexandra jumped into a military uniform on Saturday and fell from the tower.


The princess smiled in the air, not afraid to jump from a height of twelve meters.

– There was no hesitation, she went straight out and had a big jump, says Lars Lillipi, commander of the Inspired Colonel and Armed Forces Special Command (FSK), NTB.

On Saturday, he welcomed the princess to the FSK headquarters in Rena and introduced her to the special forces in the hunting party. The visit was presented as a confirmation gift to the Princess in 2019, but has not been completed before due to Corona.

– It is very pleasing to be called here, said the Princess when she arrived at the army camp on Saturday morning.

Possible first service?

This is the first time he has been alone in a mission, attended by neither the crown prince nor the crown princess. At camp, the princess gets an introduction to what special command and hunting force does, she meets a soldier in full costume, and actually trains to jump from a plane on a parachute from a jump tower.

The princess seemed to be interesting and asked many questions during the tour. The next year she turns 18, and the time is approaching when it will become appropriate for the first time in service.

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– We’m not talking about it. Now there is more information about the Armed Forces, Special Forces and Predatory Forces. It may come later, says Lilliput.

– Do you think she fit into the hunting party?

– Absolutely. In the hunting party and other defenses – if she and the castle want. The Colonel says that she is motivated and enthusiastic, and based on what we have just seen, she has matching qualities.

– Plans not laid out

The princess did not give any interviews during the visit.

Sven GJ, assistant director of communications at the palace. Gerultsson answers the following questions about possible further military service:

– The princess’ plans and further education after high school have not yet been laid out. There are no constitutional guidelines for what education the head of state should have. Princess is eagerly waiting to learn more about the Armed Forces.

The Special Command says they greatly appreciate their arrival.

– This means a lot to the Armed Forces, and we greatly appreciate the commitment and interest that the Royal Family has towards the Armed Forces. This is an incredibly important relationship we have, says Lilliput.

Long traditions

There has long been a close relationship between the royal family and the armed forces. Princess’s father, Crown Prince Hogan, General and Admiral – Norway’s highest military rank. This also applies to his grandfather, King Harold, who is formally commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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King Harold began his military career at the Officers’ School in the cavalry.

– When I joined the Armed Forces, I had jaundice and was in a very bad condition. This is not the optimal condition for a recruitment, King Harold told the Guardian in 2012.

Crown Prince Hagone, for his part, received his first service in the Navy. He clarified that children will be allowed to decide whether to follow the family tradition and join the armed forces.

– When it comes to my kids, they have to decide for themselves. He said in an interview with Soldatnytt in 2019 that I can give advice just like a parent and all other parents.

Hunting troops consist of forced female soldiers and, according to the Armed Forces, offer a unique privilege to those who wish for a truly great challenge during their first service. Trained hunters are trained to conduct parachute service, pistol shooting, operational driving, survival and patrol service.

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