June 8, 2023


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Princess Madeleine with a surprise visit – VG

2021: Princess Leonor, Chris O’Neill, Prince Nicola, Princess Adrienne and Princess Madeleine at home in Stockholm.

The plan was in August, but now Princess Madeleine and the family are returning “home” to Sweden earlier than expected.


In March, a Swedish court announced that Princess Madeleine, 40, her husband Chris O’Neill, 48, and their three children would settle in Stockholm after several years in the United States.

Write now Express That the family will come to Sweden already in June to celebrate the national holiday with the rest of the royal family.

They will have temporary residence at the court stables in Östermalm in Stockholm.

This year is special, Margareta Torgren, director of communications at the Swedish court, told Expressen, celebrating 500 years as a modern state and a jubilee for the king.

The princess married British-American businessman Chris O’Neill in 2013.

In other words – on June 8, the couple can also celebrate ten years as a married couple.

recovery: Madeline considered giving up the title of Princess

2018: Here the family was photographed in connection with the June christening of their daughter, Princess Adrienne, nearly five years ago.

Still, the plan is to move the family to Stockholm in August.

– Both Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill are happy. When it was announced that they would be moving to Sweden, communications director Torgren said they were looking forward to returning home again.

This step takes place before school starts. Princess Leonor (9 years old) and Prince Nicholas (7 years old) will go to school, while the youngest girl – Princess Adrienne (4 years old) – will go to kindergarten.

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In 2019, the Swedish king decided that the children of Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip would no longer be formally owned by the royal house, meaning they would no longer be titled “Their Royal Highnesses”.

But they are still princes and princesses.

Since 2018, Madeline and her family have settled in Miami, Florida.