Princess Märtha Louise celebrated Christmas with Derek Ferret in the United States

Princess Märtha Louise celebrated Christmas with Derek Ferret in the United States

This year the royal couple gathered with the Crown Prince’s family in Scugom for a wonderful Christmas celebration. They also celebrated there last year when a large number of family members gathered. Princess Märtha Louise, 50, and the children at the time attended.

This year, Christmas is celebrated without Martha and the children. They made other plans – beyond the Norwegian borders.

Celebrating in sunny California

According to Se og Hør’s experience, Martha and her three daughters boarded a plane bound for the US before Christmas, to celebrate with Durek Verrett (47) in sunny Los Angeles. There they will have plans to stay even after the new year.

The celebration of Christmas was also captured in small glimpses on social media. Durek shared a photo on his Instagram story post, where he was seen with his girlfriend Märtha Louise, Leah Isadora (16) and Maud Angelica (18), among others.

JULEKOS: Durek, Marthä Louise, Leah Isadora, Maud Angelica and Friends.  Photo: Instagram / Shamandurek

JULEKOS: Durek, Marthä Louise, Leah Isadora, Maud Angelica and Friends. Photo: Instagram / Shamandurek
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Many of them wear elf costumes with wide smiles on their faces. On the other hand, Emma Tallulah (13 years old) cannot be seen in the photo, but she must be present.

See and listen, House royal expert Caroline Vagle thinks there could be several reasons why the princess is taking her family to Derek this year.

Durek celebrated Christmas twice in Norway, so now is the time to show off his Christmas celebration in Los Angeles to his girlfriend and his bonus daughters. The family also had plans to move there, so it’s only natural that the kids get to know the city better first, she says.

good relation

look and listen Recently wrote about Durek’s health condition, and how the Princess showed invaluable support to her boyfriend. He has had kidney disease again and has to undergo dialysis several times a week. Therefore, he cannot travel far.

For this reason, Vagle points to health as one of the reasons why Christmas is celebrated in the United States and not here in Norway. Princess Märtha Louise has traveled regularly to the US this year, rather than alternating between visiting each other as before.

The King greets the people before Christmas. Video: NRK.
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On the other hand, the trips were without the girls.

The family might be very happy to be back together again. Derek seems to have a very good relationship with the princess’ daughters, but now it’s been a long time since they’ve met him, says Fagel.

light in the dark

Princess Märtha Louise and the children celebrated Christmas with the royal family in Skaugum last year. He was an exception, says Caroline Fagel.

The princess has traditionally celebrated every other birthday with the royal couple, and every other birthday at home in Lumedalen or with the Ari family. So, it’s not unusual that she is not with the royal family this year, she says.

However, Christmas took on a different meaning two years ago, when Ari Behn passed away. Martha Louise has been open about grief, this year as well.

Before Christmas, she shared a photo on Instagram of a Christmas calendar, which was stitched by Queen Sonya (84) among others and once given to Princess Märtha Louise. The calendar believes that Martha contributes light in darkness that they can experience in the lead up to Christmas.

“Sometimes it is heavy before Christmas. The days are dark and full of longing and sorrow. And yet, I find that we relive Christmas. Together we must be able to appreciate this time, at least now and then. I wrote, among other things, to look forward to Christmas,” she wrote, among other things. Birth from time to time, though we feel empty and longing.”

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