Princess Martha Louise had to cancel the event

Princess Martha Louise had to cancel the event

CHATEAU NEAUF (Dagbladet): On Saturday evening, the stage was set for the Rainbow Gala at Chateau Neuf, honoring both young and old everyday heroes in an exotic setting.

On this occasion, the party was hosted by Noman Mubasher (48 years old) and Emma Ellingsen (21 years old). Well-known personalities such as Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad (73), Jan Thomas (56) and Princess Märtha Louise (51) were among those on the guest list.

– You say wrong

On the other hand, the latter was delighted with her absence, and from the rostrum it was explained why the princess did not appear.

Unfortunately, Princess Martha Louise had to throw in the towel today, and she got sick. So there are only two of us here, partner Marie Manzetti tells the audience.

– is expected: On Tuesday morning, it was known that Princess Martha Louise will no longer be representing the royal family. Correspondent: Björg Dahle-Johansen
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During the rainbow party, a number of awards were also given out, and it was Benstadt who came away with the honor of the year. Hen didn’t hold back his tears, and he was clearly moved.

– I have a lot to thank. Everyone I spoke to, all those who said this was a good thing. So I can’t thank everyone by name, but I have to thank the most important person, that you’re sitting there.

Opens around the direction of Durek

Opens around the direction of Durek

This is what Benstad said in his acceptance speech, which was met with applause from the auditorium. The person of interest referred to is his wife, Elsa Almas (69).

Pride: There was an uproar ahead of this year’s Pride celebration in Lisja, with Jan Thomas among others. He says this himself about the noise. Reporter: Sophie Lucin. Video: Edward Stenlund/Dagbladet TV
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Here are the rest of the winners:

Ally of the Year – Ingunn Vik

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