June 2, 2023


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Princess Märtha Louise - New Poll: Clear Words

Princess Märtha Louise – New Poll: Clear Words

People don’t seem very excited about the business activities of Princess Märtha Louise and Doric Ferret. A poll – conducted by InFact on September 9, on behalf of Dagbladet, among 1,001 respondents – showed low support for Martha Louise and her future husband Durek Verrett regarding their businesses.

When asked whether the business activities of Martha Louise and Doric Ferrett undermine the credibility of the Royal House, 62.9 percent of those answered yes, 20.8 percent answered no, and 16.2 percent said they didn’t know.

In the 45-64 age group, the majority believe that the couple’s business activities are eroding the credibility of the royal family. In this group, the figure is 67.6 percent.

It was shown to the expert at the Swedish Royal House, Johan T. Lindwall these numbers.

– I’m surprised they’re not higher. You benefit from the royal house and the monarchy for your profit motive. It’s certainly no good, Lindwall tells Dagbladet, and certainly not something to be looked at with warm eyes among those royals.

He believes that if the same had happened in Sweden, it would have caused strong reactions.

If, for example, Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine happened to make use of the Swedish royal house in the form of, say, making a clothing line or going on a tour, that would have been very interesting. Lindwall says people have gone crazy.


There has been a storm about the future married Princess Märtha Louise and Doric Ferret. Recently, among other things, Verrett received heavy criticism for his statements that he recovered from the Corona virus with the help of a medal that he sells on his website for more than 2,000 NOK.

Nor is it the only time in recent years that he and Martha Louise have been criticized in a commercial context. Among other things, the two became the subject of much discussion when they went together on the “The Princess and the Shaman” lecture tour in 2019.

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Another result of the survey conducted by InFact for Dagbladet was the question of whether Märtha Louise should give up the title of princess.

In the survey, which Dagbladet mentioned earlier, among other things, the vast majority of men who were asked believed – A whopping 59.3 percent – that Martha relinquish the title.

In comparison, 48.4 percent of Norwegian women believed the same, while the total showed a clear preponderance – 53.9 percent. A total of 23 percent thought “no”.

– Enhance effect

Caroline Vagel, a Royal House expert at Se og Hør, has received previous questions about how Durek Verrett and Duchess Meghan’s business interests It affects the credibility of the Norwegian and British royals, respectively. Then she answered:

There is no doubt that the fact that they are associated with the royal family makes them more interesting, and can have a boosting effect on sales, Vagel told Dagbladet.

However, she believes that people are able to separate Durek Verrett’s business interests with the royal house.

What they do will always reflect to some extent the royal house, but I think most people separate that part and know that what your role does is not necessarily something the king and queen represent. I feel when I talk to people that they see exactly this distinction, Vagel says.

When asked about the results of the poll, which indicate that the public believes that the couple’s business interests undermine the credibility of the royal house, Vagle replied:

Of course, all the controversies surrounding them will stir up unrest around the royal house, as she says and continues:

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– but they are in favor of different things, and my opinion is that the great majority of them manage to separate Ferret and King Harald. But those who oppose the monarchy may get a golden opportunity to engage in this debate again.

She notes that Ferret would never be given official duties on behalf of the royal family, and that he would be seen primarily as Märtha Louise’s companion.

Princess Märtha Louise also has very few official duties. Actually only in relation to the organizations you sponsor, as well as as part of the extended family with the anniversaries already mentioned, says Vagle.

silent: Princess Märtha Louise on Wednesday refused to answer questions about her fiancé Derek Ferrett.
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Stop using the title

When Martha Louise and the self-proclaimed shaman Verrett came out on the “The Princess and the Shaman” lecture tour, it aroused great controversies.

In the same year, Martha Louise wrote on Instagram that she realized it was provocative to use the title Princess in a commercial context. She also made it clear that in the future she would only use Märtha Louise in commercial contexts.

However, Durek Verrett has his own website, Shaman Durek, where he sells the Spirit Hacking book, as well as offering several courses.

Verrett has also mentioned Princess Märtha Louise several times in social media, and he has also attended several public events with the princess.

Despite the fact that Martha Louise said she would not use the title Princess in commercial contexts, Lindwall still believed that to be a problem.

– Did not matter. Everyone knows that she is a princess in Norway. Even if she doesn’t use the title Princess in advertisements or advertisements, everyone knows that she is Princess Märtha Louise. You don’t have to write that it’s Princess Märtha Louise. She is so smart that she knows it.

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Lindwall also adds:

– You are a princess and hold a royal title for one occasion. This is because you have to work for the royal house and the monarchy. Not because you want to have your own side business.

culture shock: King commented on Martha’s lover Louise Durek Verret. Video: Caroline Vagel / Dagbladet
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– In process

Recently, the castle has remained silent about Verrett and Märtha Louise. Since August, they have not commented on the matter. Se og Hør wrote earlier this month that there had been several crisis meetings at the palace, where both the King and Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise were said to be present. According to Se og Hør, the title of Princess of Märtha should be a topic during meetings.

In August, King Harald and Queen Sonya met with the press. They were then asked what they thought of Verrett’s continued use of royal titles and royal terms in his business.

– I don’t think he’s completely sunk in what we mean yet. But we are in the process, said King Harald, and this will eventually resolve itself.

And it’s the culture clash we’re observing now, I think, King added.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Martha Louise’s manager, Carina Scheele Carlsen. Remember that they do not have any comments at this time.

Castle also states that they have no comment.

Dagbladet also sent an inquiry to Durek Verrett’s management for comment. Queries have not yet been answered.