Princess Märtha Louise says: – Yes, I have made friends

Princess Märtha Louise says: - Yes, I have made friends

In May 2019, Märtha Louise shared a post on her Instagram profile. There she was told that she had met her twin soul.

“When you meet your twin soul, you know it. You were lucky enough to meet me. Durek has changed my life as he has done so many. He made me realize that unconditional love really exists on this planet. I love you forever and beyond “,” the princess wrote in a long post Underneath is a photo of her and the man that Norway has not had time to get to know yet.

lost friendship

Since then, they have stood together, but it was not always so easy, as Martha Louise declared. For the American talk show “Tamron Hall”, the princess admitted that she had to cut more friends in the post-May 2019 era.

He was look and listen Who mentioned the case for the first time.

During the interview, talk show host Tamron Hall and the couple covered several topics, including racism. During this conversation, Hall asked Martha Louise if she should cut friendships.

– It was .. Yes, there were some, answered the Princess.

– I think it’s the best thing for us

Verrett declared that he thought it sad that Martha Louise had lost her friendship.

“I think it is unfortunate that Princess Martha has had to get rid of some of her friends, but I think it is better for us to surround ourselves with people who are full of love for us,” says Verrett.

When the couple first met, Martha Louise suggested that they keep the relationship a secret in the first place, but Ferrett didn’t want to hide the relationship.

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