Princess Martha Louise’s fiance, Durek Verret, answers questions about King Harald – VG

Princess Martha Louise's fiance, Durek Verret, answers questions about King Harald - VG
Royal Family: Princess Martha Louise and Duke Verret have spoken about Princess Ingrid Alexandra coming of age this summer.

Durek Verret answers questions about what he thinks of King Harald. Among other things, he says he doesn’t want a royal title.

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In a live broadcast on Instagram Thursday evening, Durek Verrett answered questions about what he thinks of the Norwegian king.

– I love the king. He’s smart and I think he’s right to be king of Norway, Veret says.

And Verret says that he is grateful that the king listened to him.

– What I want from the king is that he listens to me. And we listen to each other. “His giving me space to talk shows how wonderful he is,” says Veret.

– That means a lot to me. Because they don’t have to listen to me, but they do, and it’s beautiful.

Verrett was also asked if he could imagine being a king. To which he gave a clear answer:

– No, I don’t want to be king. “I don’t want any title to be associated with the royal family in any way other than the fact that I’m going to marry Martha,” says Veret.

Engagement: This summer, Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett shared the news that they were getting married.

It has come under heavy criticism

Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett said this summer They are involved. The confirmed the relationship in May 2019.

Verret has drawn harsh criticism for promoting the medal, which he says has helped him recover from the coronavirus.

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In an interview with TV2, Veret responded to the criticism:

– I don’t care. My answer is that you don’t know my world. It seems like you’re so stuck in your bubble that you can’t see someone else’s culture, perspective or way of life, Verrett said.

This also had many consequences for Märtha Louise Sangams ended their collaboration with her.

Art: Martha Louise and Durek Verret at Maud Angelica’s art exhibition launch.

Martha’s Role in the Royal Family

Debate arose over Martha’s title as princess, her official duties to the royal family, and the practices of her future husband.

Crown Prince Haakon recently told TV2 They have to talk and figure things out, and they try to find a good way.

He said he thought it was natural for a debate to take place, but that it would “take some time” before the royal family made a decision about Martha and her role in the royal household.

In September, King Harald said they were He will talk to Veret.

– We get to know each other better and better and talk to him like we do in a family. So it’s going to work. But I do not promise that it will be settled tomorrow, added King Harald NRK.

– We are now observing a clash of cultures, says the king to the royal channel.

Princess Martha is fourth in line to the throne.

However, she renounced the title “Her Royal Highness” and did not use the title of princess in the marketing of her own businesses.

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