printing room tickets in France and Russia; Norway against the ropes

printing room tickets in France and Russia;  Norway against the ropes

choose from France and Russia, the main contenders in the last Olympic final, have finished their qualification for the World Cup quarter-finals in Spain.After beating Serbia and Montenegro on Saturday this is one day The 30-30 draw with Sweden made it difficult for Norway to reach the next round.

The result is that the Scandinavian team must win next Monday The Netherlands, who beat Kazakhstan 15-61 to win the tournament, is the world champion.

The decision to increase the number of teams participating in the tournament to 32 was a timid sign that the International Federation should reconsider.

France wins, but proves that it is not invincible

The French national team, which hosted all its matches in the World Cup so far in Will, showed that it was undefeated on Saturday, After beating Serbia 19-22, it was indescribably sadIn one match, Balkans Oliver Krumbulls put his men on the ropes in the first half.

After conceding 6-0 in the last 13 minutes of the first set, the Serbian team went into the second half with three goals (9-12).

Thirteen minutes after the Olympic champions tried their own medicine, was once again shattered by a solid Balkan defense supported by sensational Joanna Rezovic under the post.

But it took more than the first thirty minutes before the Serbian team was able to overcome the French “giant”, which succumbed to the French defensive “wall” in the second half.

After reflecting on the only seven goals scored by the Balkans in the second half, France once again emphasized the massive defensive work that has preserved recent international victories.

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Serious leg activity of the French players prevents Serbia from finding a small hole in the French defense And when he found it, he ran with the limitless Cleopatra Darlexo, who saved an impressive 46 percent in the second half.

The density of the defense increased with the pass until the attack of the Balkans in the last ten minutes.

Press Milen, who finished the match with six goals, and Grace did not miss an opportunity to turn the Crombols competition in their favor (19-22) with a dose of goals.

Russia had very few problems, winning the silver medal at the recent Tokyo Olympics, beating Montenegro 25-31 to advance to the quarter-finals.In one match, Lyudmila Budneva already led 1-8 on the scoreboard for 11 minutes.

The Russian team, led by the great Antonina Skorobogachenko, did not miss any of the six shots she tried, and came out by eleven (16-27) per second. Half.

Slovenia’s unexpected defeat over Poland 26-27, a clear victory, allowed Russia to decide its place in the group stage, with the two teams playing first place in Group A against France. Playing at Granollers next Monday

Norway is in trouble

If you think the duel between French and Russian women is exciting, The battle between the two current European champions, Norway and the Netherlands, in Casteln would be no less dramatic., the last world champion, in a confrontation where the two teams can continue the championship.

The scene in which he was destroyed After a 30-30 draw with Norway and Sweden on Saturday, in an exceptional meeting, undoubtedly the best ever in this world championship, full of excitement and options.

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The Norwegians won the bronze by 36-19 from the Swedes, with or without a duel between the two teams at last summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

After leaving the match (19-7) for the first half (19-7) in the Japanese capital, Norway, Sweden this time resisted all the attacks launched by the Norwegian team at the hands of the sensational Yasmina Roberts.

At times, Norwegian coach Thorir Hergersson did not hesitate to order his personal defense against the Swedish full-back, and tried to stop the injuries caused by Roberts in every attack.

Norway’s victory was ultimately in their hands after leading by two goals (28-30). Just over a minute and a half at the end.

The Norwegian side failed to respond to Sweden’s revenue by appealing with a seven-man attack, and were surprised to see Swedish winger Olivia M. Legard in the final 30-30 with a last-minute goal.

Norway will be forced to stay in the quarter-finals to beat the Netherlands the next day., after losing to Kazakhstan 15-61, seemed to qualify for the last match, the second biggest victory in World Cup history.

Wing Bow van Vetering played a key role in the win, ending the match with 18 goals after missing only two of the 20 shots she attempted.

for his part, Sweden will qualify for the quarter-finals if they beat Romania Whoever came to the agreement, there is really nothing in danger.

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