Prisoners in the celebrity castle | Reveals details from the recording of “Prisoners of the Fort”: – All the way to the border ask me

Prisoners in the celebrity castle |  Reveals details from the recording of “Prisoners of the Fort”: – All the way to the border ask me

The trio that leads the Castle Prisoners aren’t sure if they’ll get involved themselves.

“Prisoners in the Fort” final Back on T3 after a break of ten yearsIn addition to new participants, there are also new exhibitors – as well as a new puzzle expert. The host role is Julie Strømsvåg (40) and Bernt Hulsker (44) who co-star, while the new master of the puzzle is Karen-Marie Ellefsen (71).

The program has already started well on television, so far viewers have seen three episodes in which celebrities compete in a number of diverse tasks in the famous Fort Boyard in France.

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But while 48 Norwegian celebrities have agreed to participate, the trio running the show aren’t sure if they’re so lucky.

– There is a completely different dimension to this. There are some crazy trials. I said no thanks to several of the worst assignments, and with the support of colleague Ellefsen, Holskier told Nettavisen during TV3’s fall launch earlier this year.

– I do not understand that they dared. The master of the puzzle said that they are really exposed to difficult things.

You will never join

Karen Marie Elfsen herself has been asked to participate in “Prisoners in the Fort” before.

– I was asked many years ago, and then I said no because I simply did not dare. And she said earlier this year, and I’m so happy about that now, because now I have to see what it was really like.

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– I was a little worried when the casting director called me and said he’d like to implicate me as “prisoners in the fort”. I didn’t want to be a participant. But then that wasn’t the case, then. He wanted me in the tower. That was fine, added Elefsen with a laugh, because I wouldn’t have been involved.

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Hulsker, who had previously challenged himself to “Kompani Lauritzen”, believes that “Prisoners in the Fort” are at least as difficult.

I want the two programs to be equal. There are things here that I’ve never done, and they’re foolproof. No matter how many cameras followed me. Holsker tells me there are some trials in almost the border areas, you ask me.

For the first time as a host

“Prisoners in the Castle” is Holsker’s first program manager job, one he doesn’t quite know how he got.

– I don’t quite know, really, he said, I got it.

– They just thought: “Who is the hottest in Norway right now? Burnt Holsker.” He shot colleague Julie Stromsvog and laughed.

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Hulsker and Strømsvåg follow in the footsteps of Nils Ole Oftebro (77) and the late Jon Michelet among others.

– God is good. Following Michelet and Oftebro is so magical. It’s an honor, quite simply. But I have to do my own thing, and I do it. It’s incredibly fun and awesome. Who has not seen “Prisoners of the Citadel” and has anything to do with it? We all sat on the bench when he appeared on TV in the ’90s and cost us like just batting,” said Bernt Holsker.

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– And he added: Until I’m standing here all of a sudden now, it’s a little strange.

Three days from registration

Hulsker also made no secret of the fact that it was great to get to the legendary Fort Boyard for the first time.

– There we stood refreshed inside the fortress. With 100 Frenchmen at work, he said, it was a crazy machine, adding that he was grateful to have experienced people on the team:

It was very safe to have Karen Marie and Julie there for me. For me, it’s completely new to drive something like this. But it went well – I got good instructions. So it was safe and good.

– but added that he was frantic before Strømsvåg added:

– He was feverishly ill! It was very severe. We weren’t quite ready for what the days were going to be like.

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Despite the fact that there were a total of eight episodes, Hulsker, Strømsvåg and Ellefsen were in France for only six days. Three of them were used to prepare, while three of them were recording. In other words, the days became long for the three of them.

– He went on tour. We ran around the fort there for ten hours straight. Up and down, back and forth, said Stromsvog.

– There were some days when we got a quarter of an hour between episodes. Hulsker remembers the script was hot when we got it.

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