Prisoners in the fort Nadia Khametskaya

Prisoners in the fort Nadia Khametskaya

These days, the latest season of “Prisoners at the Fort” is airing on streaming service Pluto-TV, as a new batch of celebrities battle it out through grueling challenges at France’s legendary Fort Boyard.

The tasks offered by the popular program are by no means easy, and not all participants survive through them unharmed. Doesn’t understand what the job actually entails.

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Professional dancer Nadia Khmitskaya (40 years old) witnessed this in this year’s season. The recording of “Fangene på fortet” wasn’t entirely trouble-free for the 40-year-old, and some misunderstandings soon surfaced when she ran off the treadmill.

It resulted in a TV moment she’s been dreading since the show was taped last summer.

Still embarrassed

The former professional dancer “Skal vi danse” is tasked with running on a treadmill at the same time she has to catch buckets hanging from the ceiling.

However, “everything” went wrong when I started running on the treadmill – backwards.

Khametskaya’s pals, “Get Out” actress Sonia Wanda (39), and former “Shall We Dance” co-star Igor Filippenko (34), stood on the sidelines and watched the 40-year-old back away as best she could.

Several persistent attempts were made to tell the professional dancer that she was going in the wrong direction.

He does not hear the message from his colleagues – he works the wrong way. Watch the clip here:

Despite her colleagues’ desperate cries, Khametskaya did not hear the message. In addition to a lot of shouting, the episode also generated a lot of laughter within the team. But the 40-year-old didn’t laugh much at the incident.

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Even after several months, it is difficult for a professional dancer to talk about the incident. When Netavisne had a conversation with Khamitskaya earlier this month, she made no secret that she was still embarrassed by the experience.

– Ah, she said, patting her hands on her forehead in desperation.

– Khametskaya is afraid that this will happen on television, – told Nettavisen in connection with the press conference of the program.

The TV dossier also admitted to Nettavisen that, prior to the press conference, she was afraid to talk about the blunder on the treadmill with the press.

– I’m trying to own it. But she laughed, but in fact it costs a lot.

Haven’t experienced anything like it

The Russian-born Khamitskaya also stated that she didn’t realize what she had done until after completing the task on the treadmill. She didn’t even realize she was running backwards, the only thing I noticed was that it was hard to run on the treadmill.

According to the “Shall we dance” profile, the experience was even more embarrassing because she saw the same drill done multiple times earlier in the program.

– The worst thing is that I’ve seen this many times, but when I entered that room I didn’t think of anything but not having to hurt myself. So I just started running.

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The 40-year-old has participated in the “Shall We Dance” program for several years, and it is not abnormal that there is a little hype and snag on the TV 2 program. But according to Khametskaya, she has never encountered such an embarrassing incident on TV before.

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– I hurt myself a lot on TV and did a lot of strange things on TV, but I’ve never been so deceived, – said the still embarrassed Khametskaya.

As mentioned, she’s always dreaded the TV moment, and jokes that she took some measures to avoid being associated with the episode with a treadmill.

– I dyed my hair dark so that people wouldn’t recognize me. But I hope it’s a little fun to watch anyway.

I got permanent damage

But the story of Khamitskaya’s running back does not end there. When I finally finished the challenge and got off the treadmill, things got worse again.

As mentioned, she was pretty busy not hurting herself, but that didn’t last long.

– I fell and managed to push my hand into the door and twisted my finger, said the 40-year-old and added:

My finger has become completely crooked.

She then received medical attention and had an x-ray taken which showed her finger was not broken. But despite the sprain, Khametskaya’s finger is still not quite right.

– It’s crooked, and I don’t think the finger is going to change direction anytime soon, I laughed.

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