Private 5G networks are on their way to Norway

Private 5G networks are on their way to Norway

Coverage areas of mobile networks will be geographically limited, but their use can be developed into new industries.

This is what a gamer who has been testing their 5G network for about half a year thinks.

Herøya Industripark has been a strong driver for the industry to gain access to domestic 5G networks.

– This is definitely something we plan to take advantage of in the future. The main purpose of our project is to test its use in an industrial environment, for the possibility of selling services on it in the future, says Sverre Gotaas, Director of Herøya Industripark AS of Finansavisen.

5G Special Representative: Ambassador Jotaas, Director of Herøya Industripark AS, tells Finansavisen of a strong belief in leveraging domestic 5G networks. Photo: Ole Bjørn Ulsnæs

They got a test frequency earlier this year and set up their own 5G lab which gives them the chance to explore the possibilities of the future in practice. The industrial area is located in the Grenland region and where the future kroner will come from has not been fully established.

It’s in the making, you might say. But we will not operate with classical voice telephony, as Gutas says and elaborates:

– We envision that we can develop services such as a secure network, tracking and other capabilities over the data network in the 5G network at lightning speed.

Extensive testing

This week begins the most intense testing of the industrial complex, where the impact of infections, range and coverage will be tested. Norway is one of the first countries in Europe to open domestic 5G networks, and thus Guttaas believes there will be good business opportunities for new players.

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– I’m sure new players can come here and invest, find niches and create their own experience as other players, Guttaas says.

In a press release, Nkom said they want to facilitate innovation and industrial development.

– Nkom is working to ensure a future-oriented display of electronic communications across the country. As part of this, it is important for us to facilitate industrial innovation and development, says Division Director at Nkom, John-Eivind Velure says in the press release.

Facilitator: Nkom and Divisional Director John-Eivind Velure believe that facilitation can create opportunities that complement the offering of national mobile operators. Photo: Nkom

According to Nkom, local 5G networks will complement the offerings of national mobile operators. For example within security, control and autonomy, or functionality in the form of coverage, range and capacity modulation.

Nkom generates mobile network codes for use in non-public networks and for testing purposes under Norwegian country code 242 as of January 1, 2023.

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