– Probably over-stressed – VG

Spanish Paradise: Alexander Sorloth is about to find his way to idyllic San Sebastian.

San Sebastian (VG) Having been to six countries and six different clubs in four years, Alexander Sorloth (26) is settling in.


– I am an impatient person, resident states in Trøndelag for VG.

In the idyllic seaside town of San Sebastian, a Trondelag man makes his living at Basque club Real Sociedad – on loan from Germany’s Leipzig.

Now the 26-year-old is hinting that he can imagine staying in the coastal city in the far north of Spain. The agreement with Real Sociedad is essentially a loan agreement, but the Spanish club has the option to buy.

“I’ve been this way a bit if you feel like I’m not betting and the people in the club don’t believe in me, you’d better come somewhere you like,” says Sorloth.

Jung: His friends visited Alexander Sorloth for his birthday on December 5th.

Therefore, the Norwegian wanted to leave when he received signs of a lack of playing time in Leipzig this season, but now he wants to find peace.

I may have been overly fatigued earlier in my career and should definitely move on to life and death. Now I don’t think much about it, but I try to live a little in the present. Even if it’s a cliché, it might be wise, says Sorloth.

San Sebastian is famous for its many culinary gold mines. Michelin-starred restaurants are spread all over the city.

– There is beautiful surroundings, three beautiful beaches and many cafes to enjoy, says the Trøndelag man, before shooting in that “it may not seem like this day” when some strong waves are about to entrap a man who has taken the dog perilously near the shore .

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SPORTS FEVER: The Premier League and chess were on the list for the Norwegian’s 26th birthday.

Sørloth says he felt good after speaking to Real Sociedad – and that he feels the Spanish series suits him well.

The biggest difference is the physics. In the German league, all the teams had players with tremendous physique, speed and strength. There were more open matches. In La Liga, it is more about possession of the ball. The players are a bit more technical, play on the ground and are well organized in defense. There aren’t many open matches, he says.

At the top, it is often partnerships with the Swede Alexander Isaacs.

– I thrive with him well. We think very similarly about football. It’s often the case that when two strikers thrive together, we know what the rest of us want. When I own the ball, I often look for it and vice versa. It does well to work even better in the future.

In the everyday life of the club, he also had the opportunity to recover from the ugly loss to Holland, which shattered Norway’s dream of a World Cup.

– Of course it was horrible, terribly heavy. I felt empty in the following days and needed the help of family, boyfriend and friends to keep going. He says it was probably the biggest loss of my career.

Fortunately, there are new opportunities. It was nice to come back here in the daily life of the club and start working there again. You can’t dwell on it, because there will be new matches and the Nations League. Focus now on the club team, then there will be more international matches.

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What could have been done differently against the Netherlands?

– It’s hard to answer. I think our battle plan was very good. Maybe it was a little bit because we were singles players who didn’t have the whole day. I could have created more at the top, and there were more who could have created something offensive. I think we were strong in large parts of the match.

– Were we too cowardly?

– I understand that people might think that. The battle plan was not that we should look cowardly. It comes down to the fact that Holland are a very good football team – we forget that a bit.

Alexander Sorloth and Real Sociedad play Zamora in the cup on Wednesday at 19.00. The match is broadcast on VG + Sport:

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