Problems with exchanging Norwegian notes abroad – E24

Problems with exchanging Norwegian notes abroad – E24

Norges Bank advises Norwegians traveling abroad to use cards or exchange currency before departure for now.

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Central Bank A Press release They have received information that some banks in Norway have placed more restrictions on the purchase of Norwegian notes from abroad.

As a result, some foreign banks and exchange offices have stopped accepting Norwegian notes, writes Norges Bank.

According to the central bank, Norwegian banks point to money-laundering regulations as the reason they are so restrictive.

“For now, Norwegians planning a trip abroad should consider changing currency before departure or using cards or other electronic payment methods during the trip,” Norges Bank wrote in the news release.

Exchanges of Danish and Swedish banknotes outside of Scandinavia can be problematic.

Swedish Central Bank It was announced earlier this week About problems with exchanging Swedish banknotes abroad.

Both Norges Bank and Sveriges Riksbank write that they are working to gather more information about the case.

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