Professional dancer Marian Sandaker responded to the judge’s comments:

Professional dancer Marian Sandaker responded to the judge’s comments:

“Again, dancing isn’t the best part of what you do, but it’s not crazy. It’s going to be a little lame. A little cartoony.”

That’s what judge Merete Lingard, 61, said on Shall We Dance after she saw the TV clip of Aslak Maurstad, 31, dancing during the live broadcast on Saturday, which co-judge Trine Dehle-Kliffe, 62, also agreed. .

So the daughter remains private

The comments sparked a reaction from dance partner Marian Sandaker, who chose to bow in protest at the judge’s comment.

TV 2 I mentioned it first.

Plagiarism allegations: Several dancing couples were accused of plagiarism after the song “Shall We Dance” on Saturday. Alexandra Gunner and her partner Ole Thomas Hansen were one of them. Reporting: Selina Morkin/Rod Loper
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– automatic

During a news conference at the Dance Center on Wednesday, Sandaker explained the background to his reaction.

– I did it mostly because Aslak can get some “credit” for what he achieves, because he actually achieves a lot. We danced the cha-cha-cha, and we got a lot of unique steps for this dance, she says and adds:

– To sit back and say it was a great show, but it failed to dance – I think that’s very unfair. Then a little “boo” came out of me spontaneously there.

- He could be bigger than Beckham

– He could be bigger than Beckham

to TV 2 Maurstad has previously said he is limited in dancing due to Bekhterev’s disease, an autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis disease.

During the episode, you can see the 31-year-old react quickly by holding Sandaker’s mouth in front of her as she loudly protests. Maurstad tells Se og Hør that he cannot respond in the same way.

- Keen on children

– Keen on children

-It’s really nice, because she reacts on my behalf. But I wouldn’t do it myself, Maurstad says.

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– She’s a mother, you know, so it’s probably her motherly heart that beats.

“Shall we dance”: Harlem Alexander has had a tough week. Video: Selina Morken/Red Runner/TV2
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– He gets support

After the broadcast, Lingjærde spoke about the incident to TV 2. The judge said she understood the professional dancer’s reaction.

– She has her role as a professional dancer, as well as a choreographer and teacher who will teach. It’s a great job and you’re very involved. She said she was doing a good job, adding:

– Maybe I would have bowed to myself.

Get No: - Doesn't look good

Get No: – Doesn’t look good

Sandaker says she has received the judge’s statement, but has not spoken to Lingjærde yet.

– Merity says she did exactly the same thing, so I think I’ll get support from her. She understands what we live in, and she can definitely understand the pressure and that it’s unfair. That’s the way it is, and I don’t have a sour face, says the professional dancer, but she points out that it can be a little frustrating.

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