– Progress has been tremendous – VG

- Progress has been tremendous - VG
The middle man: Kjetil Rekdal earned precious metal in his first season with Rosenborg. Many doubted this at the beginning of 2022.

GRIMSTAD (VG) Kjetil Rekdal (54) tested that Rosenborg was crossed out as a pre-season medal candidate. Now he wants Not They point their noses at their critics.


Rekdal says he’s also not interested in whether or not he’ll get a Rosenborg Medal Locked in rainy Grimstad last Sunday – Or whether the demands are so great in Trondheim that people just shrug their shoulders.

– I never thought of that. For me, the most important thing is to get Rosenberg back on top. “We made a move this year, and we can hope for a surprise next round,” says Ryckdahl.

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Rosenborg can be promoted to silver on Sunday, if Sarpsborg 08 is defeated at Lerkendal at the same time as Bodø/Glimt dropped points against Strømsgodset.

Medals mean something to ‘Rika’.

– It’s very important and a step on the way. But we want to get to the top and hopefully we can develop more. When we started in January, thinking about a medal was too far given the work to be done and the level we were at, he says.

Right before the start of the series, criticism spread over Rosenborg after some terrible training matches.

«Sober observation of winter training matches raises only one question: Can the team rise enough to avoid a relegation battle?» Sports commentator Otto Olseth wrote in the local newspaper Nidaros.

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When Rekdal was hired at Rosenborg in December, Ulseth’s soul was not rejoiced.

«Kjetil Rekdal is often his worst enemy. He has always been inclined to show the bad side of himself and hide his strength. But he’s still Kjetil Rekdal, and far from being Rosenborg’s natural coach. When he is now one, it must unfortunately be seen as a new expression of how deep the crisis is“, he wrote.

And club icon Minnie Jacobsen had no faith in RBK prior to the start of the series.

“I’m not worried about Rosenborg’s relegation, but if you think Rosenborg will win a medal this year, then you’re allowed to worry,” he said.

VG Expert Kai Bardal’s Reply to A section The club started from the dressing room, with Rekdal emerging as “a footballer with 10/10 practical experience and 0/10 theoretical insight”.

– That’s what I was afraid of when he was appointed. There is a lot of yelling about your ‘must have’ in the dressing room, and I react to it because it’s too far from what the club needs. The team needs to develop the game. Berdal said it is not enough, then, to constantly complain about efforts and attitudes.

– Want to point your nose at the critics now?

No, no, Rikdahl replies and takes a short break before continuing:

– I think it’s important to stick to a concept, a concept that gave us 67 goals. It’s been a long time since Rosenborg got close to it. But it’s very short in the back. We’re conceding 12-13 goals a lot, and there are a lot of points there.

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Rekdal lists his wishes for RBK: stronger, tougher, and more mature.

“We’re a little skeptical and a bit unintelligent — but we’re incredibly good at our best, he concludes.”

Today’s sports commentator Otto Olseth thinks it was entirely right to ask the questions before the season whether Rosenborg can go up enough to avoid relegation.

– It was quite descriptive of what had been achieved at that time. In that regard, progress has been tremendous, says Ulseth.

He gives Rekdal’s approval in his first season.

Since March, Rosenborg has put in an impressive performance. The progress has been tremendous. In short, he delivered. But his results have fallen behind nearly every other coach at Rosenborg in the past 20 years.

– Perhaps there were no expectations for more than one medal this year?

– Not in March. Rekdal did slightly better than Hareide’s last year, but not a quantum leap.

– What do you think of the football that was played?

The entertainment value is, at best, quite constant. But it is not a team attack game like, say, Glimt and Häcken.

The Norwegian club team that will participate in Europe must have a team game that enables them to beat the teams with better individual players. There is no Rosenborg yet.

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– Has your opinion of Rekdal changed during the season?

– If you ignore the bad preparatory season, it achieved most of the parameters as expected. He’s built a fairly good performance culture. He has relentlessly honest reactions after matches. It’s a solid squad of players, for which he must get his share of the credit. The defensive match was slightly worse than expected by Ryckdal. Offensive, I would say as expected. The singles players did very well, and Rekdal should get his share of the credit for that.

Do you believe in the next season?

I think I see the features of a team that can fight for the league championship, but not yet a team that can participate and win matches in group matches in Europe.

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