Prosecutor Van Morrison after Corona’s statements

Prosecutor Van Morrison after Corona's statements

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister is suing Van Morrison after the artist accused him of being “extremely dangerous” because of his handling of Corona. Writes Watchman.

The legal action by Robin Swans, Northern Ireland’s health minister, comes after Van Morrison sang “Robin Swan is dangerous”, in a sermon against lockdown this summer.

Canceled by

The engagement came in connection with the artist’s four concerts in Northern Ireland The capital, Belfast, in June. Concerts were canceled a little earlier due to Corona restrictions. The restrictions meant, among other things, that live music was not allowed on stage with the audience in attendance.

music site NME He writes that the venue where the concerts were to be held had hoped they would be able to hold the concerts as a kind of “experimental event”, but the government advised that the concerts be cancelled.

This had Morrison react to a scene during a pre-prom dinner:

“Robin Swan has all the power. So I want to say that Robin Swan is very dangerous,” he said. Then he begins to sing “Robin Swan is very dangerous”, according to him BBC.

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Celebrity Lawyer

The Minister of Health is now suing the artist after a video of Morrison’s statements spread.

The health secretary appointed attorney Paul Tweed, who had previously represented such famous faces as Harrison Ford, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.

The case, according to the attorney, is “at a late stage, with a hearing expected in early 2022.”

According to the Guardian, Swan’s lawyers sent the singer a letter in June and a more comprehensive letter in September. Avisa wrote that Morrison’s attorneys were said to have provided an answer in October.

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The newspaper wrote that Morrison, the singer-songwriter known in Northern Ireland, was a strong opponent of Corona’s restrictions and recorded a number of anti-lockdown songs.

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At one point, Swan responded to the singer’s comments, calling them “weird and irresponsible.” He said that some of what Morrison claims is “actually dangerous” and that it would give “great relief to conspiracy theorists”.

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