June 10, 2023


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Protected forests – NRK – put more pressure on government after logging in Klima

It is important to check how suitable this industry is for the vulnerable life of the forest. The message comes from six politicians in the Energy and Environment Committee in the Storting.

– We expect them to start immediately. If it takes too long, we may have to take the matter up again, says Hoyer’s Mathilde Tiebring-Kjede.

He pointed out that the government has been given a marching order.

Pressure from Storting politicians has increased after NRK’s ​​series of forest cases.

Many biologists believe that the conservation values ​​of forests have been cut and sold with the industry’s stamp for sustainable timber.

– This case shows that nature mapping and forests need to be improved, says Siv Mosleth of the Center Party.

The NRK article sheds light on the race between nature and industry over the forests in Follsjå. An area of ​​national and international conservation value.

In this case, we follow biologist Chigwe Reizo as he despairs of seeing another crossover forest.

Following the NRK case, Center Party’s Siv Mosleth says:

– We should stay away from such conflicts. Forest mapping should be trusted by all those interested in forestry, Masleth believes, and says he trusts the government to follow through on the decision.

– Fascinating reading

The case of Follsjå also shows How the industry checked environmental values ​​before harvesting.

They significantly reduced the protected area compared to what biologists had specified.

Forests outside these boundaries may be legally logged. Although this forest also has conservation values.

The landlord also does not want to protect.

The case also shows that:

  • A person who travels to the area on behalf of industry is referred to as a biologist. He has extensive forestry experience, but no education.
  • During the pre-harvest survey he found endangered species, which he did not record.
  • DThere is limited documentation of the assessments made, only a meeting report.
  • Industry doubts that the entire area should be defined as eligible for protection. They point out that rules have been followed and not all forests with conservation qualities have been protected. Just a choice as they did.

– This case hit me like a punch in the stomach, he says Une Bastholm i Green Party.

About what the case shows, he says:

– This is completely unacceptable.

Bastholm believes that it is entirely possible to have a profitable forestry industry in Norway without destroying the habitats of vulnerable species.

– Business can also grow. But then entirely different requirements must be set from the government, says Bastholm.

Rødt’s Sofie Marhaug says this is exciting reading and believes it may mean we can’t trust eco-labelling anymore.

NRK has previously reported that forestry violates its own environmental rules – and still holds a green certificate.

The Forest Owners Association pointed out that because of the high volume of felling, it is difficult to avoid mistakes, and they learn from their mistakes.

Former climate and environment minister Ola Elvestuven from the Liberal Party put it plainly:

– HThe harvest in Follsjå shows all the shortcomings of Norwegian forest management. And Why can’t we better observe the diversity of species in forests?

No time frame was given

In March, Storting requested a full verification following NRK’s ​​lawsuit about the environmental values ​​translated into another forest in Telemark.

They asked the government to reconsider how the collection, recording and control of important natural values ​​in Norwegian forests is done.

They also asked to consider measures to ensure that mapping is adequate.

But no timeline followed the decision. There are also no instructions on how verification should be done.

Mathilde Tybring-Gedde

To be improved: Mathilde Tiebring-Giget believes that environmental records must be of good quality, forest protection must be effective and many important habitats for species must be saved.


Høyre’s Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde considers that the field of checks and measures could include random sampling of environmental records, strengthened expertise and methods for mapping.

– VA representative of the Conservative Party said: “I am completely dependent on the confidence in future environmental records.”

S.V. met the minister

Birgit Olin Gerstad of SV He raised the matter in the Storting’s question time this week. There he challenged Labour’s Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Eide.

– AKerstad says the cover-ups for NRK are so bad that he has to get on the ground and take action.

The Minister of Climate and Environment opened the door to tougher requirements for the forestry industry. He questioned whether the industry should control itself.