pulled from the shelves

pulled from the shelves

Recently, several flavors of Tine iced coffee and chocolate milk were pulled from grocery store shelves in several parts of the country.

In online stores such as Oda And menu Some flavors have also been temporarily sold out.

On Saturday afternoon, the Dagbladet reporter went to the Spar grocery store on Hasle in Oslo. Several flavors of the popular Tine product were sold, including the “Coffee Latte” variant.

According to an employee at the store, they get weekly refills of the product, but many of the most popular flavors sell out quickly.

It requires emergency measures

It requires emergency measures

– Good in the wind

They’ve also noted at Tine that consumer demand has skyrocketed in recent years, especially in 2022 when sales of Tine products break new records.

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– Tine Iskaffe is really up in the air and growing in popularity. Flavored milk, like iced coffee and chocolate milk, isn’t selling more in Norway than a year ago, and Kari and Ola are drinking nearly twice as much flavored milk today as a decade ago, Tyne press officer Unni B. Christensen wrote in the email to Dagbladet.

Grab the flavors: Many flavors of Tine iced coffee are sold in stores across the country.  Photo: Emma Victoria Hegnar/Dagbladet

Grab the flavors: Many flavors of Tine iced coffee are sold in stores across the country. Photo: Emma Victoria Hegnar/Dagbladet
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It was a newspaper glomdalen who mentioned it for the first time.

not enough

If you can’t find your favorite on the shelves at the store, that doesn’t mean the item is out of production, Tine’s press officer can tell you.

“Tine produces what we can, but there are simply so many iced coffees in Tine that we just can’t produce enough,” Christensen writes.

- Violates the regulations

– Violates the regulations

So you have to be patient during the spring if you don’t find your favorite flavor on the store shelf right away.

It will probably take until the summer before we can meet demand. Fortunately, we have several other types of Tine Iskaffe, both with and without added sugar, that will be available in stores for coffee-loving Norwegians, says the press keeper.

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