pulse, chemistry | The chemist makes fun of the typical science teacher

pulse, chemistry |  The chemist makes fun of the typical science teacher

The sutra’s heavy weathering might do something about it. Make the kids believe that science is actually fun.

Because Sandtorv remembers how well it was Not It sparked his interest and curiosity in science in elementary school when he was a pupil himself.

– I had to find out that science was great on my own. The way we learned was not attractive to me.

Did not participate in school

In the book series “Witengalskap” he will teach primary school students that the material he loves is actually interesting.

– I actually wrote to myself when I was a kid, he says.

He says it was the books he read outside of school that often kept him busy. And not least the experiences.

Chemistry and science are great fun! But since it’s often wrapped very dry, I think many kids pick it away. I wanted to write a book that shows how amazing this book is, says the chemist himself.

Sandtorv is the type who likes to touch, hear, and feel things to discover how things relate. Logically enough, because he chose to become an alchemist.

“When I was a kid, I tried so much that my mother probably thought she was tired because there was so much mess on the floor,” he says.

The book was released last week with a focus on experiences. “Scientific Madness – Elville Experiments” is the first of three planned books in the series.

Here you can read about everything from the crazy experiments conducted in the 18th and 19th centuries. At the very least, children get recipes for a number of experiments that they can try on their own.

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Alexander Sandtorf

  • Chemist and author from Bergen.

  • Former Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at UiO.

  • He received his master’s degree in chemistry in 2010 and his doctorate from UiB in 2015.

  • He wrote a number of books. Among others “Fylla har skulda – Knowing in tailings” and “The Prophecy of Laura”

  • Makes the podcast “The State of Things” with Christopher Shaw.

Meat with a mentor

The prolific Sutrafering has previously researched what works against drunkenness, which ended with a book that has been occupied by many.

In this case, he wants to show a completely different target group, the kids, that science is fun and crazy.

You often get the impression that science is very organized and orderly, but there is more chaos in it. He says here I am deep in chaos.

Through the illustrations in the book, he distances himself slightly from the role of the teacher. Sandtorv is drawn as a character named “Nutty Professor”, who is wild and curious about everything. As a counterpoint, you have the older, more typical, closed science teacher who wants to make sure everything is done right.

While the latter grumbles that experiments should be done regarding the environment and safety, Sandtorv flies around and enjoys himself in the lab.

– You look a bit like your teacher’s fuck rampage in the book?

– yes I do. “It is always fun to make fun of boring science teachers,” says Sanddorf with a big smile.

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