pulses, culture | Strilen comics have been released in 21 Spanish-speaking countries

A Mexican publisher is now focusing on launching the Norwegian “Dunce” picture book series in 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

Series creator Jens K. Styve, who hails from Hjelmås, says he was contacted directly by an editor from Océano Publishing on Twitter.

– She dug up Dunce, and was able to tell her publisher had already published “Tommy and the Tiger” and “A Pingle’s Diary.” Then I felt like this could be a good thing, says Steve.

Otherwise, he dedicated the series to a single father with a pointed hat and his son and dog printed in Radio Gaga, Klassekampen and various newspapers and magazines, while the third book, Nedetid, was released in August – as always in Nynorsk.

– That’s incredibly big! Great opportunity for Styve and Dunce. Océano is distributed in all Spanish-speaking countries and is also a popular publisher among a large Spanish-speaking population in the United States, says Tonje Tornes, editor of Egmont.

Earlier this year, the first book, “Dunce”, was published in French, and according to the Norwegian publisher, it has garnered a lot of interest in the French comic book series. In the preface to “Downtime,” French Styve editor Nicolas Bogoan writes:

I would say that much of the humor in ‘Dunce’ revolves around the follies of our modern lives, at the same time weaving shades of gloom in the background. This gives Jens’ work a special expression – a completely different angle and signature.

– It’s stupid to stop now

The creator of the series is considering whether the good reception in France has been observed in other countries, has created more interest in the series

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It is possible that the good reception in France was noted in other countries, thus creating more interest in the series, says Steve.

In the book “Break Time”, he compiled his tape number of 1000, which was the goal he set for himself when he decided to make his living from comedy.

Charles Schulze, creator of Nuts, said that a cartoonist is someone who can draw the same thing day in and day out, without repeating themselves. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I had planned to make 1,000 strips, but it’s stupid to stop now.

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