March 23, 2023


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Pushing people out of the center – NRK Westfold and Telemark – local news, TV and radio

Fire crews from several fire stations in Telemark and Aktor are battling to bring the blaze under control in the square in the center of Kraków.

Speaking to NRK, residents of Krakero say they fear a major urban fire.

– The municipality writes in an update on its website that the evacuees cannot count on being able to return home tonight Websites At 01:00.

As of 01.10, the fire could not be controlled and now the fire has spread to three houses, police said.

Just before 11pm, a number of large ladder trucks from the fire service were spraying water on the blazed building and surrounding listed buildings.

– The fire is not yet under control, and there is still a risk of spreading at the site, Marianne Morch, Operations Manager of the Southeast Police, tells NRK after midnight.

– So far, Mørch says, it hasn’t spread over more than two buildings.

NRK’s ​​Veronika Westrin says the fire is “at the heart of the center of Kraków”. Area where buildings are close together.

The fire department is taking action to prevent further spread.

An NRK reporter who was at the scene saw open flames from the roof of the building that caught fire around 9.40pm.

So far, no one has been injured.

All the buildings around the scene of the fire have now been evacuated. Police are continuing to evacuate buildings further away from the scene of the fire.

There was a heavy fire in the building where there were 22 fires around.

Photo: Theo Asland Wallen / NRK

Do you have photos or video of events in Kraków – Reference NRK here.

Mayor: Evacuate the entire city center

– People evacuated the district because we had to block the streets. Then we set up cordons and evacuate everyone living nearby, Mayor Gründe Weger Knudsen tells NRK.

He says both restaurants and nightclubs have been evacuated. In addition, around 20 people have been taken care of by the municipality, and many have arranged private accommodation, the mayor said.

An overview of the fire in Krakero.  Thick smoke and flames behind the chimney of one of the houses in the centre

Widespread fires can be seen from a distance, and it is clear that extinguishing the narrow city streets is a challenge.

Photo: Theo Asland Wallen / NRK

– I spoke to some of the evacuees before they left the town hall. Meyer says they are hopeless, uncertain and fearful.

In total, more than 50 people have been evacuated from the area surrounding the fire, police said on Twitter.

The burning houses are located next to listed wooden buildings in the center of Krajerow.

– This is part of the soul of Krajerow, so we hope and trust that we will control the situation and save as much as possible, says Mayor Knudsen.

Firefighters are battling a fire in the center of Kraków.  In the background, many people can be seen gathering at the barricades.

Firefighters are battling a fire in the center of Kraków. In the background, many people can be seen gathering at the barricades.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

The municipality says in its statement that the municipality’s psychosocial crisis team is in place and looking after those who are there. Websites.

Told not to go to bed

Resident Marit Hestangen lives near the city center.

– I was told that I don’t have to go to bed for a while, says Hestangen about what was said at the town hall.

She recalls the big fire in 2009 in Krakero that killed two people.

– I think it is very scary to live in a densely built-up area with only wooden houses. It’s simply too scary. With flame, I think we have to be very careful, Hestangen says.

In February 2023 residents of Kraków see the fire from a vantage point

Residents of Krakero look down on the fire from a vantage point some distance away.

Photo: Theo Asland Wallen / NRK

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The fire, which started in a shop in the center of Kragerø, spread to the 2nd and 3rd floors of the same building.

Around midnight on Sunday, the fire broke out in another building.

Crews from several counties have flown out to help fight the fire.

Sør-East 110 NRK reports that teams from both sides are at the scene from Kragerø, Bamble, Porsgrunn, Drangedal, Skien and Gjerstad.

The public is encouraged to stay away from the area to accommodate emergency crews.

Fire on narrow city streets in Kraków

In order to prevent the fire from spreading further, the fire department is taking action in the narrow streets of the city.

Photo: Veronica Westrin / NRK

In order to prevent the fire from spreading further, the fire department is taking action in the narrow streets of the city.

National Antiquarian: – Now I am worried

Like many other “coastal towns”, Kraków has dense wooden houses in some parts of the town.

Some of the development of these wooden houses is limited A dense wooden building worthy of national heritage protection. These are areas of cultural and historical value and are particularly vulnerable to fire.

There is a risk of burning important buildings due to this fire.

– Now I’m worried. Hanna Keiren, national antiquarian, tells NRK that there are great cultural and environmental values ​​here that we will lose in a city that many people know and enjoy.

In this map, you can see the special dense wooden houses in Kraków shaded in red. The fire is closest to one of these areas:

security officers and The fire service is especially afraid of fire As fire spreads rapidly in such areas.

Large areas around these buildings are also defined as having a certain risk of fire spreading.

The National Conservator of Antiquities says he hopes the fire department will gain control.

– The houses are very close together. So it is necessary to prevent the fire from spreading to more houses. The fire department is very good. So, we have to hope that it will go well.

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