Put granny in jail!

Put granny in jail!

How can one miss the number of places when rehabilitating a nursing home?

This is Audhild Oksnes’s grandmother’s bed at Storetveit nursing home.
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No, grandma It is neither criminal nor dangerous. She’s a nice old lady who’s gone a little crazy. As it approaches 100 years, it’s not unusual. After getting by on her own, she eventually had to go to a nursing home because her health failed.

Having felt comfortable, I was given a permanent place at Methodist Home. A separate room with pictures, ornaments and furniture that was her own. Here it gradually stabilized.

Audhild ├śksnes is desperate about her grandmother’s living conditions in Storetveit nursing home.

for a while We were informed that the Methodist house would be demolished/renovated, and a new one built. It is of course very cool for those who will eventually live there. But for my family, this was the beginning of a very difficult period.

Bergen municipality Used old Storetveit nursing home, which is perfectly fine, except that they did not take into account the number of residents to be relocated. And so, my lovely grandmother got a new room that made me pissed off to say the least.

“In prison, she was given her own room, regular supervision and proper food,” writes Uthelde Oxness.

She is participating now room with another. It is placed deep behind a curtain. There was barely room for a bed, a bedside table and a chair, and the rest of her belongings the family had to drive. It has neither window nor privacy. I’ve become anxious and aggressive in recent weeks.

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Her children are called and asked if they can comfort her over the phone. Of course it does no good, they are left in despair and anger. We haven’t heard a lot of politicians talking about seniors on the campaign trail, which they should.

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this treatment Degrading and inhumane. The municipality may say this is temporary, but my grandmother is 99, then 2 years is not temporary. This is where you will die, behind a curtain and without privacy.

This brings me back to the beginning. In prison she was given her own room, regular supervision, and proper food. I don’t mean to make the guests feel bad. It is not about comparing two groups in this way. However, it is about all people who are treated with dignity, the municipality must learn to plan and that all individuals must meet their needs.

It was on that grandma After we shared a room with someone, we could live with them, as long as the room was big enough for the needs. The other lady has relatively good space and windows. The family filed a complaint with the administration, but without further communication. The caregivers are clearly desperate. They see how difficult this is.

So thanks to the municipality of Bergen, which has once again been able to throw billions of kroner on everything, but cannot plan for something as simple as how many places you need to care for the elderly when rehabilitating a nursing home. If they can’t plan something that simple, I understand very well that they are missing out on other things.

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Beate Hausa, City Councilor for Seniors, Health and Volunteering in Bergen Municipality, responds:

We are ahead Several difficult choices when repairing old nursing home buildings, and unfortunately some experience extra stress during necessary renovations. We are working on minimizing this burden, but it is not always easy to do so.

The person mentioned in the post, as well as other people sharing a room, will be given priority for a private room when it is available. At the same time, a necessary professional assessment of what is suitable for the population is carried out.

In the absence of a single room, the institution arranged for each individual with a double room to use the appropriate living rooms to meet their loved ones. This is of course not optimal, and the city council has a clear goal and plan to phase out double rooms.

Not It is always easy to find good replacement buildings when we are renovating and building a new one. Despite extensive planning and research, the best solution for residents of Metodisthjemmet was to use a Storetveit nursing home. The alternative was to stay at The Methodist Home during the renovation, and it would be more stressful for the residents.

One thing is for sure, it will be much better when everything is ready and the rebuilding is complete. It is important to remember that the resettlement of the population in “Methodist Home” is temporary, at the same time we are constantly working to satisfy the wants and needs of users as much as possible.

I have a great understanding that this is very demanding, but we must also acknowledge the need for some temporary solutions until the renovated building is ready.

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