– Put sticks in the wheel for students – NRK Norway – Overview of news from across the country

– Put sticks in the wheel for students – NRK Norway – Overview of news from across the country

– The Norwegian state would like us young people to study abroad, and then it will be difficult for us to return to Norway. I think Danish education is as good as Norwegian education, so why not treat us as equals with Norwegian students, says Helen Gylland, a medical student at Odense in Denmark.

Jylland has one year left of his studies, and will undergo a year’s training in a Danish hospital.

But like all Norwegian medical students who study abroad, practice abroad is not approved by the Norwegian authorities. When she is fully approved as a doctor in Denmark, she must apply for a medical examination in Norway.

This means that several months are spent waiting for a rotation place before you can complete a one-year rotation exam in a Norwegian hospital. Only then will she and other foreign students obtain a permit as a doctor in Norway.

Shortage of doctors: There is a huge shortage of doctors in both hospitals and municipalities. At the same time, several hundred qualified doctors are queuing up to get a permit from Norway

Photo: Frederick Hagen/NTB

That’s how the rules have been since 2019, whenThe introduction of the new specialized education meant that students had to take a practicum in the country of education in order to obtain permission and then take the LIS1 rotation exam in Norway.

– There is a doctor’s crisis in Norway, and we, educated abroad, need to quickly use our expertise in Norway, says Gylland.

There are not enough general practitioners or physicians in the country’s hospitals.

There are not enough study places in Norway to cover the need for doctors. About 40 percent of newly graduated physicians receive their education abroad. Hundreds of doctors who have completed their education must spend more than a year on a new training course in Norway. This applies, among other things, to students from Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Liechtenstein,Luxembourg and Malta.

The rules must be changed

Both AUF and ANSA interact with discrimination.

They believe there should be a limit to the last part of the medical training, the practical year, not being approved by the Norwegian health authorities from our neighboring countries and other EEA countries.

They are asking the government to change the authorization rules.

– The government must find a quick solution that guarantees approval in Norway. Of course graduates must be eligible for permission, even if this means they have to pass some additional courses. This way we can get more hands on Health-Norway, says AUF captain Astrid Hoem.

AUF leader Astrid Willa Hoem.

Waste: Dual practice is a waste of both state resources and students’ time, says AUF President Astrid Hoem.

Photo: Une Solheim/NRK


AUF and ANSA believe this is a waste of state resources and students’ time.

– We think it’s a shame. We know that there is a significant and persistent shortage of doctors. And here we have well-qualified candidates who are ready to work as doctors in Norway, but because of the bureaucratic system, it takes a long time before they can contribute as medical workers. With such a shortage, we as a society do not have time to wait and let bureaucracy get stuck in the wheels of students, says ANSA President Anna Handal Hellessens.

Anna Handal Helsins, President of ANSA - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad

Bureaucracy: ANSA President Anna Handal Helsings believes that unnecessary bureaucracy hinders students

Photo: Ansa

The Department of Health and Welfare is responding State Secretary Ole Henrik Krat Bjørkholt stated this in an email:

Different EEA countries have different regulations and requirements for how the course should be set up for individual groups of health workers. Whether individual states have a practical period after theoretical education varies before that Become Grant permission and the right to act independently. Norway is bound by EEA regulations, and does not conform to EEA regulations to treat countries differently, he says.

However, the State Secretary confirms that the government will establish the arrangement with medical students from Denmark during the year.

Medical students hope that there will be a change for students from several countries.

It is very frustrating that we are stuck and not allowed to progress in our education. Good foreign practices such as Norwegian must be approved by the governing authorities so that we can continue to work on our specialty, says medical student Jylland.

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