Putin, Alexei Navalny | New footage reveals Putin's most private secrets

Putin, Alexei Navalny |  New footage reveals Putin's most private secrets

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The Kremlin dictator is basking in luxury – in his castle on the Black Sea. Secret recordings from inside Vladimir Putin's 'hunter's hut' have now been published.

Extensive video footage of the 17,691 square meter living space and surrounding delights was released on May 9 On YouTube. It is perhaps no coincidence that the people behind the foundation, founded by Alexei Navalny (1976-2024), chose to announce their discoveries specifically on May 9 – the anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II.

While warlord Vladimir Putin allowed soldiers and weapons to march into Moscow, Navalny's men made sure that much attention was instead focused on the video from the tyrant's secret “Dasha” in the forests of Lake Ladoga.

And it's not just the trivialities that were filmed with hidden cameras.

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Reveals the dictator's secrets

It is not clear – for obvious reasons – who is behind the spy photos. But apparently the person in question must be legally allowed in, because the photographer is also having conversations with people in the huge buildings.

Russian commentators unleashed a torrent of ridicule and ridicule at the cottage's owner, Vladimir Putin, from the first photos, revealing many of the dictator's most private secrets.

The cost placed on the entire plant is approximately NOK 12 billion.

Asbjorn Svarstad

He works mostly with historical articles and political commentaries and is a certified guide in Sachsenhausen. Since 1996 he has lived permanently in Berlin where he has worked in several Scandinavian media outlets.

And from the inside of the impressive buildings that are clustered over an area of ​​68 hectares – five times the area of ​​Windsor Castle – it is calculated, According to what was reported by the German newspaper Bild Zeitung. As the largest inhabited castle in the world.

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Putin's bedroom was furnished for hundreds of thousands of kroner. In the bathroom, he has an expensive shower system purchased in the USA, as well as marble floors and walls and chandeliers studded with precious stones and crystals.

The commentator from Navalny's foundation literally explodes with sarcastic descriptions of a sit-down shower that appears intended to cleanse the dictator's nether regions.

In the recordings, much of the furniture is still wrapped up – most likely so as not to accumulate dust when the Tyrant himself is not around.

Navalny's revenge

There was a sensation in January 2021, when Alexei Navalny voluntarily returned home from his hospital stay in Germany and was arrested at Moscow airport.

While Putin's worst enemy was thrown into prison, his comrades were keen to produce a comprehensive photo report on the “fishermen's hut”.

The feature received about 30 million clicks Within a few days -And the cat was out of the bag.

But when Putin was confronted, after it was revealed three years ago, about the existence of a secret luxury estate on the Black Sea, he reacted with a broad smile. He flapped his arms cheerfully and had barely heard of the place.

He said that at least the property did not belong to him, and he sounded as he expected to believe him.

Underground skating rink

The journalists had obtained comprehensive order lists for luxury goods from an Italian company. Through documents leaked, among others, from the Panama Papers, they were able to follow leads and show that behind a network of mailbox companies and straw men, it was Vladimir Putin and his family who were hiding.

Since 2008, the area has been bought by Putin's cronies – the oligarchs who financed the construction and were responsible for it.

Obviously there should be no shortage of valuables.

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Adjacent to the main house, a huge guest house with suites has been set up – all well-appointed. At a separate shooting range, the tyrant can test new weapons, and next to it is an underground ice rink, created for Putin's favorite sport, ice hockey.

The large outdoor pool has slides and its own bar. The guest restaurant has its own kitchen, 40 staff and its own brewery.

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It must have caused wonder and anger

The official explanation that has spread is that it is simply a matter of building a huge, expensive tourist hotel, but the place has absolutely nothing to do with the Russian president. (However, he cannot afford this place – or other luxury facilities – on his modest annual salary of NOK 1.3 million.)

At the time, Navalny's people received photos of bathrooms with gold faucets and toilet brushes. The sight of furniture costing more than a Russian annual salary must have aroused astonishment – ​​and perhaps even anger among ordinary people – who are forced to live in poverty with the increasingly tragic consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Following the announcement in 2021, extensive work was undertaken to rebuild almost the entire Putin facility. It must have turned out that poorly constructed roofs led to extensive water damage inside.

Putin took the opportunity to implement the changes. Among other things, a chapel was built in it, in which the altar features an icon with Jesus, the Mother of God and Prince Vladimir I.

Putin's great role model

Vladimir the Great (956–1015) – also called Vladimir the Holy – was the ruler who unified most of Ukraine and parts of Russia, and also Christianized the entire country. After a troubled upbringing – in which he spent, among other things, a long period in hiding with the Norwegian Haakon Jarl (he was referred to as Valdamar Svenaldsson) – he killed his half-brother and seized power in the Kingdom of Rus.

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He is reported to be a cunning politician with the ability to enter into strategic alliances against Poles, Bulgarians and other hostile neighbors.

Vladimir Putin allegedly identifies with this character – and some believe he actually considers himself an incarnation of the great ruler who ruled his kingdom from Kiev in 1400.

Bloody battles and great victories

And commentators in the new video house do not miss the fact that the decoration on many of the walls has changed. Where there had been Roman frescoes and decorative pictures of picturesque landscapes, the owner of the house now found it more appropriate to use illustrations from dramatic events in Russian history – that is, paintings of bloody battles and great victories.

The revelations from Putin's secret cabin must have dropped like a bomb in the Kremlin. Not only do the many details elicit head shaking – and perhaps also ridicule. But how did those responsible for security – including the Russian security service FSB – fail to prevent the glories being photographed and disseminated for ridicule in Russia and the rest of the world?

This certainly led to a hunt for the culprits – both the photographer and the bosses who did not care to reveal the person in question in time.

The place will continue to be known – colloquially – as “Putin's hut.”

If the neighbors don't watch the recordings – and come up with a new name. It is not at all certain that they will refer to it as a cabin anymore.

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