– Putin’s forces are making progress – VG

- Putin's forces are making progress - VG
STAKEOUT: Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, came in just before 1 p.m. US time after a meeting with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, to conduct a so-called “watch” with the media.

The White House (VG) In mid-May, the NATO chief said Ukraine could win the war. Stoltenberg now talks about “all wars end at the negotiating table.”


Jens Stoltenberg gently and quickly presses a folded white scarf to the forehead in the sweltering heat of Washington, D.C. outside the White House.

The Secretary-General’s meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House just took place on the 99th day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

How worried are you now that the world’s attention is now fading away?

It is our responsibility to prevent this from happening. This is a brutal war with great civilian casualties and great destruction of cities. It is also a matter of important principles. He answers that, that is, the right of all nations to self-defense.

The message after the meeting with Biden is that support must be maintained. The United States is now once again increasing its arms supplies Himar missile system.

We must be prepared for it to be long-term, says Stoltenberg.

Meeting: Stoltenberg with US President Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Vice President Harris in the background.

Turkey is an important ally

Stoltenberg visited the United States this week, as he did at the same time last year ahead of the NATO summit, which will take place this year later in June in Madrid.

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There are a number of key issues that characterize the meetings with the most important foreign ministers, defense ministers and presidents of NATO countries.

Among other things, processing applications from Finland and Sweden to join the alliance, which are currently blocked by Turkey – but in a few days Meetings between Stoltenberg and representatives of the three countries in Brussels.

We must admit that Turkey is an important ally. geographically with the borders with Iraq and Syria, and in the fight against ISIS, says Stoltenberg.

Situation: This is the situation in Luhansk now.

Russia wins lands

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia is now in control About 20 percent of Ukraine.

Reports of Ukrainian casualties came at the same time as reports of the Russian advance.

– What is your assessment of what is happening to Ukraine on the battlefield now?

We must realize that what Ukraine is facing is the largest land power in Europe. Stoltenberg began to face a massive concentration of Russian forces.

Putin’s forces had to withdraw from the Kyiv region in the north and Kharkiv in the east, and now they have concentrated all their strength in the Donbass, where they are slowly but surely advancing and gaining territory.

– But again, our response to this must be to support Ukraine.

– negotiating table

The tone is somewhat different than it was on May 15, when Jens Stoltenberg stated it Ukraine can win this war.

He also said that “the major Russian offensive in Donbass has stopped.”

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British intelligence now reported that Russia had taken control of most of the important city of Severodonetsk, the last major city in the Luhansk region that had hitherto been under Ukrainian control.

Putin’s forces have been pounding people and buildings with powerful artillery for weeks.

When asked if Ukraine could win the war, or give up territory, Stoltenberg did not repeat that Ukraine could win.

Most wars – probably this one too – end at the negotiating table. He responds, it is not up to us to decide what Ukraine should accept and what not.

What will happen at this negotiating table, the head of NATO will not comment on.

– I have complete confidence in the political leadership of Ukraine. It is up to them to make these tough choices and assessments. Our job is to support them, so that they are in the best possible position when negotiations begin, says Stoltenberg.

Meetings: After the White House meeting, Stoltenberg went to the Pentagon, where Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was waiting.
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