Puts the entire summit at risk:

Puts the entire summit at risk:

No one knows whether the situation in Ukraine has escalated or whether the war has ended by the end of October. But regardless of whether there are ongoing battles or the fallout from the invasion, the topic will be pivotal when world leaders gather at the G-20 summit in Indonesia.

There was news on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would attend this year’s summit. This is what Russia’s ambassador, Lyudmila Vorobyeva, said, according to Reuters.

bottom boat: A video posted by the Azov battalion will show Ukrainians sinking a Russian boat, March 20, 2022. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Vigard Krueger
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It is still unknown what reactions leaders and civilians will show to Putin. Karsten Fries, senior researcher and head of the research group on security and defense at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute (NUPI), has doubts about whether the Russian president would be allowed to participate — or whether other leaders would come if Putin chose to. higher.

– A completely different situation

– I’m not sure if the other G-20 leaders would ever meet if Putin came. I can never imagine it would happen like now. Fris tells Dagbladet that they cannot be seen in a photo in the same room he was in.

If Putin gets the meeting and wants to attend it, it wouldn’t be the first time a controversial head of state has seen representatives of the G-20 together. US President Donald Trump attended until 2020. In many meetings, Trump and Putin also had close conversations.

On the other hand, Fries asserts that what Putin is facing now is very different from what the G20 leaders were facing with Trump that was discussed then.

– It’s a completely different situation. The senior researcher concluded that there would be no “business as usual” if Putin decided to come.

rocket: A video clip viewed by millions on Tiktok was said to show a missile passing through the roof of a house in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Video: @pd05763 / Tiktok
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50,000 police officers

Vladimir Putin attended G20 meetings several times, including meeting then-US President Donald Trump on several occasions. If world leaders agree to have the Russian president attend the meeting in Indonesia, the security surrounding the meeting could be put to an even tougher test than has long been the case.

What kind of security uprising one can expect to see if the Russian president actually arrives in Bali at the end of October, time will tell, but for example, in South Korea in 2010, no less than 50,000 policemen were deployed to watch the G-20 summit in the country.

Terrorists, North Korean actions and violent protesters were concerns of the authorities at the time.

Putin's chef can die every day

Putin’s chef can die every day

This is how leaders are secured

Dagbladet is in contact with many security experts. None of them wants to stand out by name, but says that the attitude about the meeting will depend entirely on where in the world you are. It is hard to predict what awaits Indonesia – especially if Putin chooses to remain silent.

From experience, there are always high security measures associated with G20 meetings. It remains to be seen if there will be other demands from Russia during the visit.

bottom boat: A video posted by the Azov battalion will show Ukrainians sinking a Russian boat, March 20, 2022. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Vigard Krueger
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Security in any case will be organized through several “layers of security”. These can consist of bodyguards inside and other barriers outside and around the person or people you want to protect, depending on the type of threats you want to protect yourself from.

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The goal of team building is to break more before approaching the sensitive area. For example, if a great leader is secured, it will be, first of all, assassination attempts that are secured against her. The dimensions of security are determined by the threat – whether this is, for example, terrorists motivated to kill, activists with a desire to demonstrate peacefully or something else.

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