Queen Elizabeth returns: – Can’t stand dishonesty – VG

Queen Elizabeth returns: - Can't stand dishonesty - VG
95: Queen Elizabeth shines on state occasions and is in very good health.

Queen Elizabeth (95) follows the doctor’s advice and takes it easy. When the world’s largest king changes his plans, rumors swirl.


The British Queen spent her first night in hospital in eight years from Wednesday to Thursday last week.

The night before, Tuesday, October 19, she had dazzled as hostess to politicians and business leaders, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Bill Gates, at Windsor Castle.

Then came the news that the 95-year-old had reluctantly agreed to calm down and forgo a planned two-day trip to Northern Ireland.

Less than a week after the last assignment, she’s back again to work from home. On Tuesday, several audiences conducted via video from Windsor Castle, while guests were at Buckingham Palace.

There are many indications that they are now highly prioritizing when choosing tasks and activities. The Queen was absent from worship on Sunday for the first time since the summer. On Tuesday, Buckingham Palace announced that it would also cancel the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on November 1.

Additionally, she has her 70th anniversary as Queen to celebrate in 2022.

On screen: Queen Elizabeth reluctantly agreed to stay calm and not move much.


After news of the Queen having to rest last week, it was reported that she will have some initial check-ups at the hospital on Wednesday.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the hospital visit lasted only overnight on Thursday night, a day later. Confirmation also came after that the sun He wrote that the Queen only spent the night “for practical reasons” – it was too late to return the 42 kilometers to Windsor.

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A number of royal house experts and sources inside commented and responded to the fact that the royal family did not immediately inform about the residence.

King’s correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, said on the BBC’s Breakfast on Friday that he feared the media would not be able to present the whole truth about the Queen’s health. He noted that journalists relied on messages from Buckingham Palace. Then he wondered if they could now trust Buckingham Palace.

While the Queen was at King Edward VII Hospital in London, the British royal flag waved the royal standard over Windsor Castle. The flag should indicate where Her Majesty is located, whether it is used in cars or during public visits – or when the Queen is at home.

Royal correspondent Peter Hunt described it as a “failed attempt” to cover up his hospital stay.

– Buckingham Palace can’t stand dishonesty with all it has to deal with, he points out.

Top: When using the British royal flag, the royal standard, it indicates that the king is in place.

state affair

in the analysis BBC royal correspondent Sarah Campbell writes: , that it is difficult for the royal family to strike a balance between thinking of providing the public with sufficient information about the monarch’s health, and at the same time considering that the person Elizabeth has a right to privacy.

– So it was the news that she was going to the hospital for tests, and was taken into custody, Campbell writes.

At the same time, the Queen is the head of state not only in Britain, but in 15 other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. It implies a great need to know how it actually works. Interest increases, as you get older.

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-Despite the fact that she appears healthy and happy at the many events she has attended recently, she can’t be hidden under a chair at the age of 95, Campbell points out.

Says sources close to the Queen Sunday times It’s been too much for the Queen lately. To move forward, she must Relax, forgo official duties and always bring another member of the royal family with you When you go out to act.

– She was fired, a source told The Times after she called off her duties last week.

Queen Elizabeth made public on Tuesday for the first time in nearly a week. Over the screen, I was able to interview South Korean Ambassador Joon Kim and Hee Jong Lee at home at Windsor Castle. They were in a room at Buckingham Palace in London.

will be active

The Queen was in isolation at Windsor Castle during the pandemic and lost her husband, Prince Philip, in April.

In October alone, she participated in no fewer than 16 official events, as of October 20. While Prince Philip retired from public office in the year he turned 96, the Queen’s platinum anniversary celebration is currently planned for next year. On February 6, she was queen for an incredible 70 years.

In addition to the busy official programme, the Queen filled the calendar with socializing after the reopening.

There has been a constant rush to lunch and dinner with family and friends, as the Queen does not like to eat alone, according to a court source.

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On top of all things social and official, the Queen should be happy to sit up late at night watching TV, preferably with company.

Diplomat and advisor

Being a physician to the royal family has always been a mixture of medicine and diplomacy, says professor of modern history, Elizabeth Horen, at the University of Leicester, BBC.

Since the eighteenth century, working as a king’s physician has been “as psychological as it is diagnostic,” giving comforting advice to people who would not allow themselves to be dictated to them.

Hurray, he says the relationship between doctor and king was very special.

They had to trust the doctor about the more intimate aspects of their lives.

In earlier times, the king may have wanted to hide any illness from the court so as not to prove himself weak or weak. They had to rely on complete secrecy on the part of the doctor so that rumors would not start to circulate in circles about the king or queen.

According to Horen, the court’s role as an arena for rumors and speculation has been somewhat taken over by the media today.

want to celebrate

Queen Elizabeth is known for her willingness to stand up and her good health.

When she was admitted last night with gastritis in 2013, at the age of 86, it was the first time she had been hospitalized. Since then I have been reporting a few colds and a quick cataract operation, which I came out on the same day.

October 12 this year was the first time she was seen in public with a stick.

King expert Russell Myers has expressed his understanding of the Queen’s desire to be active and return to work after a difficult year.

– Restrictions have been lifted for members of the royal family, and everyone is on their way back to work.

But everyone needs a break from time to time, and so does the Queen.

– You have carried out. Myers says I’m only tired after reading everything I’ve done.

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