Queen Margaret: – I had to hide it

Queen Margaret: – I had to hide it

Secret love letters and secret visits marked the beginning of their romance Danish Queen Margrethe (81) And her now deceased husband Prince Henrik.

To keep the relationship a secret, the Queen’s closest friends were given a very special mission more than 50 years ago, according to Danche. TV 2.

The press should not have known that the young Frenchman was visiting the princess. Therefore, friends were asked to hide it.

80th Anniversary: When Queen Margrethe II of Denmark turned 80 on April 16, the Norwegian royal family sent a digital salute. Video: The Danish Royal House
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It was so exciting, we snuck in with him and smuggled him in and out of the house, says Birgitta Helengsou, 81, one of the Queen’s best friends, in the new documentary series A Life as a Queen.

The love story between the Queen and her husband been said before. But to mark the Queen’s 50th anniversary as regent, she looks back on her long reign and shares new thoughts on her life in the documentary.

Here, Queen Margaret reveals entirely new details about the encounter of her great love.

Unlucky: It was an interesting session when German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Queen Margrethe had to greet each other.
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instant attraction

It was during a dinner party In the life of the vibrant city of London in 1965, where Margaret had previously studied economics, the love story of Prince Henrik and Margaret began.

The Queen said that Henrik immediately felt drawn to the princess, but that the feeling was not mutual.

She did not pay much attention to the handsome Frenchman. She did it in turn a year later, when they met again at a Scottish wedding with mutual acquaintances. Henrik then realized that he wanted something more than friendship, and invited Marguerite to dinner, where he served the most delicious French dishes.

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– That night I realized that I was deeply in love with him, said the Queen in Solitary – a biography of Prince Henrik.

monkeys: King Harald and Queen Sonya, Heir Apparent, Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia pose for photographers in front of the Eidsvoll Building in 2014. Video: NTB scanpix
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The Queen now tells in the new documentary that she wasn’t too nervous when she got ready for dinner.

But when the evening ended, it became clear to the young heir to the throne that she was “very much in love”, and that everything happened when they danced.

Previously, Dagbladet . was He wrote that what the Queen fell for Henrik was that he looked insanely good, as well as the fact that he was kind and took her very seriously.

He will keep the relationship hidden

However, she was not expecting their engagement after only six months. In many ways, the next few months were like every new lover’s story. Henrik and Princess Margaret went for walks in Hyde Park, dined and then ventured out into the vibrant nightlife of London, where they settled on the smoky dance floors.

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But what was different from the other couples was that Margaret would one day become Queen of Denmark.

The couple had to take many precautions due to the general interest in the future queen’s love life. While Henrik lived in London and Margrethe lived in Denmark, they had to think smart to preserve their privacy.

The phone in the castle passed over a keypad, which made it difficult to hide who the Queen was talking to. Therefore, the couple began to write letters that he sent to each other in secret.

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Hidden prince in a country house

Even after Henrik asked for Margaret’s hand, they wanted to hide the relationship from the public.

Henrik was on a secret visit to Denmark and letters are still smuggled between the couple.

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Not only that, but Henrik was also hiding in the home of a friend of Margrethe Helingsaw during his visits to Denmark.

– The friend said in the documentary: – Nobody is looking for the next prince in a listed house.

But they still didn’t take long before the relationship was discovered, and two years after the couple’s first meeting, they married on June 10, 1967 at Holmen Church.

Celebration: Queen Margaret and Prince Henrik smile on the balcony during the Queen's 70th birthday.  Photo: Shutterstock Editorial / Jens Hartmann / REX / NTB

Celebration: Queen Margaret and Prince Henrik smile on the balcony during the Queen’s 70th birthday. Photo: Shutterstock Editorial / Jens Hartmann / REX / NTB
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Surprised after his death

Queen Margaret and Prince Henrik have been married for nearly 51 years, Before the death of the Prince in February 2018 After being ill for a long time.

Even after his death, the prince surprised his wife. He had arranged flowers for the funeral before his death. The flowers were like a flower garden, which was a reference to his wedding speech to the Queen.

But at the wedding, the French surprised the Queen with a wedding speech in Danish, something no one expected.

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