Queen Margaret with her New Year’s address after years of scandal: – You must be careful what you say

Queen Margaret with her New Year’s address after years of scandal: – You must be careful what you say
Visit Norway: Queen Margrethe attended the royal couple’s 80th birthday celebrations in 2017. On her way to a gala dinner at the Oslo Opera House.

There is great excitement attached to Queen Margrethe’s annual New Year’s address, after what has been a turbulent year for the Danish royal family.


At 18.00 on New Year’s Eve, millions of Danes sit in front of the screen to watch Queen Margrethe’s traditional New Year’s speech from Amalienborg Castle.

But after a year marked by scandal, it’s expected to be even more exciting this time around:

– The queen freezes in the face of a small, temporary headwind in the population. Danish presenter Jess Dorff says she won’t play around with upheavals in the family hierarchy Extra Magazine.

A year full of conflict: Queen Margrethe with Crown Princes Frederik and Prince Joachim as they celebrate the Queen’s 50-year jubilee on the throne on August 29, 2022.

Shock waves passed Denmark when the Queen decided in September that Prince Joachim’s children would do so They were stripped of their royal titles From 2023.

In an unusually blunt statement, Prince Joachim commented on the decision as follows:

– I received five days’ notice to tell my children that their identity had been taken from them. He told her I was so sorry that they were upset and that this was going on over their heads Danish newspaper BT.

the decision He was justified in “that the four descendants should be able to shape their own lives to a greater extent without being bound by the special considerations and obligations which a formal association with the royal house as an institution entails”.

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Prince Joachim is the Queen’s second son. He has four children:

Princes Nikolay (23) and Felix (20) with Countess Alexandra and Prince Henrik (13) and Princess Athena (10) with his current wife, Princess Marie.

Read more about it: The drama continues in the Danish Royal House: – It’s complicated

A new entity: Prince Joachim (center) and his wife, Princess Marie. They have the youngest children of Henrik and Athena together. He has children Nikolai and Felix with his first wife, Countess Alexandra, and since the new year, the children lose their surnames.

A few days later, the Queen took to Instagram to apologize:

– As a mother and grandmother, I underestimated how affected my youngest son and his family would be. It makes a big impression, and I’m sorry about that, I wrote at that time.

In June, he also became Prince Christian I graduated from the controversial private school Herlufsholm after revealing what were described as “unacceptable circumstances”.

The scandalous story began when the documentary “Secrets of Herlovsholm” was shown by the Danish channel 2 Øst.

Exception this year

The Queen has a tradition of avoiding focusing on her family in her New Year’s speech. After a very unusual year, royal house expert Lars Hofbäcke Sorensen believes that it will be difficult to avoid family drama this time around.

– She’s probably making an exception this time and saying something about her family, otherwise she’s going to get criticized, he says Danish TV2.

– The elephant in the room – Crises – I suppose he will mention, he says Extra Bladet Royal house commentator Kim Bach.

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Royal house expert Sebastian Olden-Jorgensen believes the Queen faces a dilemma:

– You have to be careful what you say, because it doesn’t take much before people can change their attitudes, he adds Danish TV2.

FAMILY: Queen Margrethe is surrounded by her immediate family as she celebrates her 77th birthday on April 16, 2017. Here from the balcony at Marselisborg Castle.

– She takes Charles

Although it is difficult to predict the content of the Queen’s Speech this time around, Bach believes one thing is certain:

– I think she will thank the residents. Take Charles. She will thank the residents for the great support she received when she celebrated her anniversary.

January 14, 2022 Queen Margaret celebrates 50 years on the throne.

Bach is sure that the Queen will not avoid serious but important topics such as war in Europe and inflation in Denmark in this year’s speech as well.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Margaret (82) became Europe’s longest-serving monarch. She is now the only queen in the world.

Jubilee: Queen Margrethe arrives at the Royal Theater before the ball during the Queen’s 50th Anniversary celebration in Copenhagen on Saturday 10 September.

A separate celebration of Christmas

the Royal family Celebrate the birthday separately this year. While Queen Margrethe was in Denmark, Crown Prince Frederick, Crown Princess Mary (50) and children celebrated in Crown Prince’s home country of Australia.

Prince Joachim and his family also mentioned that they will spend a longer holiday abroad at Christmas, but did not specify the location.

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do you remember? Things did not go according to plan when the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel was supposed to receive the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II.

On Saturday evening, it became known that Princess Mary, who is married to Prince Joachim, will not attend the annual New Year’s table on January 1. New Year’s table is a traditional festive dinner.

This is because she is staying in Paris with Prince Henrik, who, according to reports, has fallen ill Danish TV2.

Prince Joachim will participate as planned, the royal house said in an email to the same newspaper.


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