May 28, 2022


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races afterwards

races afterwards

American swimmer Leah Thomas was heavily discussed in the American media. Thomas, who was born a man, changed his gender and now competes as a woman at the college level in the United States.

Thomas recently dominated as a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Until recently, she was competing there as a man.

Some of her teammates argue that she has a physiological advantage and that she should have been disqualified from competitions, while others believe that it is her free right to compete as a woman.

During a segment of ABC’s “The Today Show,” Thomas’ case was discussed, but it wasn’t the discussion that would catch the eye next.

ABC used the retouched images of Lia Thomas in the case.

This is how Thomas looked at the video status for ABC and this is the original image.

On TV: This is what Leah Thomas looked like on the Today Show report. Screenshot: USA Today / Twitter
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Original photo: The original photo was taken in January 2022. Photo: AFP

Original photo: The original photo was taken in January 2022. Photo: AFP
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John Gallegos is the former director of digital content at Det, and his home. He has no doubt that the photos have been edited.

– It is clear that this function was not performed by a professional. This level of skin homogeneity is abnormal, says Gallegos New York Post.

Photographer Erica Denhoff took one of the retouched photos. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

– At first I thought something was wrong with the video. But when I saw him again, I thought: ‘Wait a minute, that seems to be intentional. Denhoff says Leah’s features are ‘softened’ Washington Examiner.

Then I took the original photo for comparison and immediately noticed the difference.

– I’m surprised and disappointed that “today” changed my picture of Leah, she says.

ABC has not yet commented on criticisms of the photo’s retouching.

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