– Raging Habit – V.G

- Raging Habit - V.G
KNUST: The Reserve Bench had a solid win.

A large rock smashed into the substitutes’ bench at the Sande Stadium on Wednesday night. Sundalings themselves are used to this phenomenon.

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At midnight on Wednesday night, a lot of rocks came loose on the mountain Hovsnebba above the Sande stadium at Sunndalsøra in Møre og Romsdal. Although 90 percent of the slide was blocked by an embankment, a large rock was able to roll.

As a result, the substitutes’ bench was smashed onto the artificial turf pitch.

It is a newspaper Vote First mentioned the subject.

Sundal municipality supervisor Bjorn Rok also says the rain is most likely to blame for the rock fall.

He points out that Sundal has many steep hills and is a known challenge with rock slopes and landslides.

– This is not the first time this has happened, it will happen again, but we have no guarantee when.

Adjacent to the artificial grass pitch is a popular footpath that is used by many. Both of these The artificial turf track will remain closed until further notice.

– We will do a new assessment on Friday if we open the area. Till then we ask you to be cautious and take Sundalingan call seriously.

Cleared: Bjorn Rok also took matters into his own hands and removed both the bench and the stone himself.


Both the stone and the replacement bench were removed, for which Rokkum took personal responsibility.

– When we took it, there was not much to see.

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Rok also says that other stone remains are still in the ruins and it is still uncertain whether any action will be taken there.

Rok also says that other stone remains are still in the ruins and it is still uncertain whether any action will be taken there.

Day-to-day Manager: Jurun Svensli, General Manager of Sundal IL Football.

Agree with the municipality

The general manager of Sunndal IL football, Jørun Svensli, has agreed to keep the pitch closed until further notice.

– We have notified our staff that this facility is closed and should not be used.

Swensley says the football club will use the artificial grass pitch once it reopens.

– We are used to raging. The course is closed during the year due to the risk of landslides. Eventually you get used to living in such an environment.

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