Ramstein fever in Oslo. These four found each other in the waiting lists.

Ramstein fever in Oslo.  These four found each other in the waiting lists.

As early as 5 a.m. Sunday morning, the group of friends will be in place. Then you wait in line for about half a day.

In Oslo, tens of thousands are preparing for a Rammstein concert. Emma Whitehead (from left), Maja Mantekiwe, Kim Ekevitt and Marika Cabanen are ready.

Four-leaf clover from England, Finland and Norway. But they share a true passion for Rammstein.

– I listened to them during a very difficult period in my life. I’ve been through it, says Emma Whitehead, and the music is still important to me.

She’s from England and is looking forward to her concert with Rammstein on Sunday. At about 8 p.m., the German band enters the stage at the Bjerke trot track.

The organizer states that 60,000 tickets have been sold. This makes it one of the largest concerts ever held in a arena in Norway.

The group of friends collectively attended nearly 20 concerts with their favorite band. Most of them were earlier this year.

It was faked in Bjerke a little over a week ago. Saturday evening, the facility was tested.

Eleven hours in line

Saturday evening, they were in place at the Bjerke race track. It’s only been three days since Ramstein’s last concert. Until then, the four-leaf clover was in place. That time in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

The point of the Saturday trip was to learn how to set up the queue system. If they want the best places, they know it’s important to be there early.

– In Tallinn there was a girl who came at two o’clock. Five years isn’t too early, says Marika Kapanen from Finland.

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Up to 108 trucks transported equipment to the Bjerke canter track.

Although they are already there at five tomorrow morning, they are not sure if they will arrive first. Doors open at 4 pm.

We don’t know when we should arrive early to get a seat up front, Kim Eikefet points out.

If we had to run 500m to the stage area, we might die on the way, kidding.

Friendship between the masses

It was Rammstein’s passion that made them friends. They kept bumping into each other in the queue at concerts.

– It became normal to share hotel rooms and meet early in the queue in the morning. Many people think Ramstein is heavy music, but people are very friendly. People want the best for each other, says Kim Ekevitt.

The Bergen native himself attended more than ten concerts in Ramstein. She loves the music, but also the back story.

– This is a group that spends a lot of money on the show. They wouldn’t do that if they only cared about money. They will really entertain the fans. Ekevit says they also seem like really good people.

Yvonne and Nico Schramm traveled from Haugesund to Oslo to see Ramstein for the first time.

I haven’t seen Ramstein

Yvonne and Nico Schramm expect a lot. They already got tickets in 2019.

– It’s our first concert. It will be very interesting to see them. I think all of Rammstein’s characters are great, says Yvonne.

The duo is originally from Germany, but lives in Haugesund. I spent many hours in the car on Saturday to get to Oslo.

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– I’m excited about how many people will come and how big it will be, says Niko.

Several fences have been erected around the Birke Trail. They want good cooperation with their neighbors.

On YouTube, watch recordings of Ramstein’s past live concerts. He noticed the flames and the explosions.

– I expect a lot! iPhone smiling.

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