May 28, 2023


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- Rarely good Christmas weather this year - VG

– Rarely good Christmas weather this year – VG

The good news: According to meteorologist Derje Alswick Wallow, there will be extra good Christmas weather across the country.

Meteorologist Derje Alswick Vollo predicts that this year’s Christmas weather with minus degrees and fresh snow will be extra. But he encourages people to enjoy the Christmas weather before the changes come next week.


State Meteorologist at the Center for Meteorology Derje Alswick Valo warns that there will be good weather in eastern Norway, southern Norway and western Norway both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

– It’s rare to have such good Christmas weather across the country, he says.

Snow in some places

In the evening and during Christmas Day, it will snow in central Norway. There will also be snowfall in the Norland and Finmark beaches.

– Other than that, the rest of the country is dry and cold, says Alswick Wallo.

Meteorologist: Derje Alswick works for the Meteorological Institute in Blindern, Oslo.

Alsvik Walloe describes the weather across the country as good winter weather. However, some areas will receive better weather than others.

– He says most parts of Sørlandet, Østlandet and Vestlandet receive more sunlight on Christmas days.

Enjoying good winter weather is even more important because there will already be more clouds in the south on Monday.

On Tuesday, there may be light snow in eastern Norway, but it will soon pass, says Alswick Wallo.

Mild New Year’s Eve

It will slowly become mild in most parts of the country until the New Year.

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Alswick Valley says there will be plus degrees in Sorland and Westland when Christmas ends in space.

Thus it will not be too cold on New Year’s Day in these areas.

The cold weather will continue across the country at the beginning of Christmas, before which it will be temperate in most parts of the country.

– In the north, it will be cold throughout Christmas, says Alswick Wallo.