Rawa Majed, Sweden | Sweden’s most wanted man received thousands of kroner in compensation

Rawa Majed, Sweden |  Sweden’s most wanted man received thousands of kroner in compensation

Sweden is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of violence, and the authorities have singled out Rao Majeed, also known as the “Kurdish Fox”, as the main reason behind several assassination attempts, killings and bombings in recent weeks. On Thursday afternoon, the Social Democrats suggested that the government deploy the army to stem the wave of violence. Aftonbladet writes before 12.30.

– The government must look further TEDO agreement And take stronger action. This is not Sweden, and it should not be like this in Sweden, says party leader Magdalena Andersson.

Not getting support

She explains that this is about “the surveillance that the police are already doing today,” because Anderson believes that the armed forces have the technical expertise to contribute to stopping the ongoing wave of violence.

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But Defense Minister Pal Johnson (Moderaterna) rejected Anderson’s proposal.

– The armed forces should be able to support the police in incidents such as terrorist attacks, but none of the aspects are relevant regarding these incidents, he tells the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Just over NOK 20,000 in compensation

The 37-year-old, who heads the notorious Foxtrot criminal network, is wanted internationally after escaping Sweden in 2018. He is currently in Turkey, where he has obtained Turkish citizenship and therefore cannot be extradited to Sweden. As for Majed, he has a long criminal history in Sweden, and he even received compensation twice after filing a lawsuit against the Swedish state. Expressen writes.

Facts about the criminal network Foxtrot

* According to the police, the group was started by 37-year-old Rao Majeed, also known as the “Kurdish Fox.”

* Majid is suspected of large-scale drug trafficking and preparation for murder. He is reportedly in Turkey, where he is said to have obtained Turkish citizenship.

* The network is involved in several bloody conflicts, including with the Dalin Network and the Bandidos.

* One of the two groups is led by Rawa Majed, while the other group is led by “Farawala” Ismail Abdo, who until recently was considered Majed’s right-hand man.

* The division also led to violence in Turkey, including a shooting in Istanbul on September 6.

* A few hours later on the same day, the conflict escalated after Ismail Abdo’s mother was shot dead in Uppsala.

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* Since then, Sweden has witnessed a wave of violence suspected to be caused by internal strife in the network.

Source: Aftonbladet

The Swedish newspaper reported that Majed was arrested and detained sometime between April 21 and 29, 2015. However, no charges were ever brought and the police investigation was dropped. Majed then decided to apply for compensation from… . In November 2017, Majed received compensation from the Minister of Justice, while in prison for a serious drug offense and abuse.

Notorious criminal Majid received compensation of NOK 19,517. He was awarded NOK 11,000 for “suffering”, NOK 6,839 in financial compensation for lost earnings and NOK 1,678 in court costs. Expressen informs.

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In March 2018, Majed again received compensation. This was one month after he was released from prison on a suspended sentence.

– Harm and violation of his personal safety

Expressen states that the case concerns a matter of record. Majid and others in his circle had to pay compensation to a creditor. They ended up paying compensation to Majed, because the authorities did not close the case against him, even though he had already paid what he was owed in 2016. Expressen does not have a figure for the amount that Majed received at that time, but he received compensation because he had violated the personal data law where his case was. It remains in the authorities’ databases.

The Minister of Justice was clear in a written statement:

The judicial advisor wrote: “Rawa Majed is entitled to compensation for the damage and violation of his personal safety, which may have been caused by the incorrect processing of personal data.” According to Expressen.

Facts about violence in Sweden recently

Below is an overview of the main points in Sweden’s ongoing gang war and recent incidents of violence.

* The recent escalation of violence in Uppsala and Stockholm is linked, among other things, to internal strife in a criminal gang called the Foxtrot network.

* The leader of the network is Rao Majeed from Uppsala, also called the Kurdish Fox. He moved to Turkey, where he obtained citizenship, and is wanted on charges related to serious drug crimes and planning murder.

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* People associated with the Foxtrot network are suspected of recruiting children between the ages of 14 and 15 and then giving them weapons and telling them to shoot.

*The network is also in conflict with another criminal gang called the Dalin Network.

* Wednesday, September 6: Five Swedish citizens were involved in a shootout in Istanbul. According to Swedish media, the incident is linked to gang violence in Sweden. They are detained in Türkiye.

* Thursday 7 September: A woman in her 60s was killed at night in her home in Uppsala. The police confirmed that she is the mother of a criminal member of the gang.

* Monday, September 11: A 13-year-old boy was found shot to death in a wooded area in Hanninge, south of Stockholm. He was reported missing over the weekend.

* Tuesday 12 September: A 23-year-old man was shot dead in a stairwell in a residential area of ​​Uppsala. The man was a neighbor of a criminal gang. Police say he was on his way to work.

* Wednesday, September 13: A man in his twenties was shot dead in Vasastan, Stockholm.

* Thursday, September 14: A teenage boy died after being found shot to death in Västertorp, south of Stockholm.

* Saturday 16 September: A 39-year-old man was shot dead in Raksta in Vallingby, west of Stockholm.

* Thursday, September 22: Two people were shot dead in a bar in Sandviken, north of Stockholm. Two others were injured. Three out of every four victims are accidental.

* Tuesday, September 26: An explosion occurred in an apartment building in Linköping. No one lost their lives after the accident.

* Wednesday 27 September: A man was shot dead in a shooting at the Mälarhöyden sports stadium in southern Stockholm. Another man was killed in a shooting in the town of Gordbro, south of Stockholm.

* Thursday, September 28: A woman in her mid-twenties died after a powerful explosion in Uppsala.

Sources: TT, SVT

Criminal activity in Norway

Earlier this week, Kripos confirmed that the Foxtrot network has branches in Norway. In May this year, a man was kidnapped in Trondheim, and on Wednesday the Trøndelag Police District confirmed that the case was linked to the criminal activities of the Foxtrot network.

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– We believe that the case of detention and extortion is linked to the Foxtrot network in Sweden, says police lawyer Bente Bockleb in the Trøndelag Police District. To the address.

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The police brought charges against twelve people, because they linked the kidnapping case to a serious extortion case. Writes the address The victim in the extortion case is the father of the young man who was kidnapped. Police are holding on to the information, but said drug debts could be the motive behind the Swedish network’s involvement.

Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl also fears that the violence in Sweden will spread to Norway, so she was in Sweden recently to participate in a crisis meeting with her Swedish colleague Gunnar Strömer.

This is what Meehl said about the violence in Sweden:

Justice Minister Emil Inger Mehl is in Sweden to see the wave of violence taking place there.

Dark September

Police said September was the deadliest month in Sweden since they began keeping statistics on fatal shootings in 2016. Eleven people have been shot dead this month so far, and on Wednesday morning it was Sweden’s serious justice minister who met the press.

“We entered 2023 with a very grim record year in 2022 in our baggage, especially when it comes to fatal shootings, but also when it comes to explosions,” Strummer said. According to Aftonbladet.

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On Thursday morning, Strummer once again had to answer for himself after three people were killed in less than one day.

– We have seen some waves of violence during the year, but the last 24 hours have been more than the worst, I think. “I understand that if people feel angry, afraid and sad, then we are where we are,” he told TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.

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