Raymond Johansen with a clear call after the Oslo shooting – VG

Raymond Johansen with a clear call after the Oslo shooting - VG
The meeting: On Monday, City Councilor Raymond Johansen, Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl (SP) and Oslo’s Chief of Police, Pete Gangas, gathered for a meeting on the recent shootings in the capital. Here, the city council leader was photographed on another occasion.

NYDALEN (VG) The mayor of Oslo is well aware that people have been worried after so many episodes of shootings recently. At the same time, he stresses the need for adequate police resources in the capital.


Anxiety has been my middle name for a long time, even during the pandemic. Obviously, when there are violent incidents and shootings, there should be nothing but a lack of concern, says Oslo City Council member Raymond Johansen, who stands for the Ministry of Justice.

He has just met Minister of Justice Emily Inger Mehl (SB) and Oslo’s Chief of Police, Pete Gangas, where they discussed the recent shootings in the capital.

Since August 15, eight people have been shot in six shooting episodes in Oslo – in Skøyenåsen, Trosterud, Brynseng, Vika, Mortensrud and Stovner.

– It was a very good meeting. We talked about the challenges we face in Oslo. She then emphasized at the meeting the need for adequate police resources in Oslo, and a stable and predictable framework, Johansen told VG.

The mayor of the city points to several factors believed to contribute to such crime in the capital – including challenging living conditions, gang recruitment and drug sales across the city. But he stresses that it is worth noting that there is a positive development in the crime picture if you look at the overall statistics.

But statistics don’t help people if they feel insecure anyway.

Public space ownership

Johansen thinks that one thing in particular is important for Oslo residents to think about:

The very important message is that security is also created by sober adults who are in the public space. Do not leave public space for others. Walking around and being there creates a sense of security for many.

Public space should belong to everyone. Not just anyone, this obligates us all.

The mayor of the city believes that it is a prerequisite for the police to have a good knowledge of what is going on on the ground when working against criminal circles.

– If someone new in the week is going to travel to some of the most demanding areas, they won’t have the chance to understand what’s going on.

– Are there enough police resources in Oslo?

– We must have sufficient resources. It can’t be my job to say that’s enough now. I think a lot of people who live in some areas feel that this is not enough.

STOVER: On Monday night, October 25, a young man was found with a bullet wound to the stomach, across the road from the police station in Stufferner.

I understand that people are worried

The new justice minister was also very pleased with the meeting on Monday, and left the impression that the police are fully focused on the events that have occurred in the capital recently, says Emily Inger Mehl.

I understand that people get anxious when trying to shoot open street, and I think it’s very important to take it seriously. Then it is important to bear in mind that although there are a few who commit criminal acts, most of them abide by the law, and Oslo is safe.

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During the meeting, I spoke with the city council president and police chief about the importance of the local police presence.

Safe: Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl (Sp) believes that Oslo is a safe city.

– This is one of the reasons that the government has now pushed to provide 200 million to strengthen the local police presence across the country.

– There must be police that can be present in everyday life, who get important information about what is being transmitted locally and can talk to children and young people, preventing them from being recruited into a criminal path. Early intervention is very important. Here you have to cooperate with the municipality.

Police Chief: Known Criminal Environments

Police Chief Pete Gangos is happy with the proposal to increase resources for the police.

We always want more resources. It’s quite clear that we have capacity challenges when it comes to dealing with all of these incidents. But I am always interested in using the resources we have in the best possible way, and that we are able to work together.

So far, she can’t say much about the possible connection between the shooting episodes recently.

– There is extensive work with the investigation. The events are different and I don’t think I want to say more about them until we have the results of the investigation. I can say that in many cases there are known criminal environments and lines of conflict that we identify with, Gangus says.

– Are you afraid of passing ordinary people on the street?

– Yes, when photographing in public, this is completely unacceptable, and it is far beyond what we can tolerate. So it’s a situation we definitely shouldn’t have.

Cooperation: Oslo’s Chief of Police, Pyat Gangos, said it was important that the entire police district cooperate well.

Gangås says they have recorded high activity recently after reopening, and the police had a lot to do in many areas.

The police chief says one reason the police are so concerned that cases should be resolved is to avoid re-settlement and a spiral of retaliation.

– So it is important to cooperate with the municipality in the field of prevention. This is a job the police cannot do on their own.

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