Raymond Johansson urges people in Oslo to prepare for tough times – V.G

Raymond Johansson urges people in Oslo to prepare for tough times - V.G
At a demonstration against Russia’s war in Ukraine, City Council President Raymond Johansson warns of crisis times ahead in Oslo. Photo: Heiko Jung / NTP

Oslo City Council is presenting what it calls a crisis budget next week. City Council President urges people to be prepared to face tough times.

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Raymond Johansson said this in an interview to Pinposton , was done in the city council member’s office where the lights are currently switched off to save electricity. He uses a term about the post-war period, expensive time, expensive situation.

– We are heading full speed ahead into an expensive period with higher electricity prices, increased food prices and pump prices. Things turned around in a very short time, says Johansen.

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Heat and school meals

Electricity prices are especially high for the municipality and cost less money.

– We are not ready. I believe that the political transformation of words is something we are not ready for either. He says there is no complete understanding of the crisis.

Johansen says asking the government to contribute more money is like keeping your pants warm. He warns that reducing the temperature in public buildings or taking other measures is appropriate.

In the budget, it has been prioritized hard, and this will be felt, among other things, by the fact that the city council is not providing school meals as they planned, Johansen says.

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To save electricity

Storting President Masud Gharahkhani asked the Storting administration to present current measures to save electricity in their properties and buildings.

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Many countries have introduced strict requirements for low temperatures and low lighting in public buildings, but so far this has not been the case in Norway.

In contrast, the government has introduced electricity subsidies for both private households and commercial establishments.

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