RBK, SK Fire | Don’t blame the tips!

RBK, SK Fire |  Don’t blame the tips!

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Some may have popped into Lerkendal to remember the good old days, when Rosenborg played a fantastic, creative and entertaining 4-3-3 football. They were disappointed. Because Bran wasn’t the same this evening. The team has never been able to recreate the festive football from the Vålerenga and Bodø/Glimt matches. Instead, we saw Brann’s side punt the ball high, and for all intents and purposes: creating many great chances.

On the one hand, the home team RBK lived up to expectations. The team looked the same. He is young. Works well in training. We must not be too demanding. We must be patient. And if I understood the chief correctly: a completely different and much better training system has been introduced than before.

But the team does not create chances. Rosenborg stopped doing that. Because no idea how that happened. It is not easy to be a forward in such a team. It is impossible. It’s like sailing without wind.

If anyone is going to be unhappy with their attackers after a Bran match, it must be Erik Hornland who has seen his attackers abuse a number of dozens of great chances on occasion. But I think he’s happy, because they created the chances. You should start with that. Fire moved forward a lot with dexterity and speed – especially Bård Finne. And they ran into the rooms that the team had created. This is the essence of it all; To create space – and opportunity.

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RBK don’t do that.

Then the question is: Is there any indication that it will improve? It may happen, I would go so far as to predict; You will get better. But there is nothing to indicate that now. RBK has an offensive game that doesn’t point to anything at all.

It is also impressive that the team received five yellow cards in Lerkendal. It refers to a team that is behind, out of balance in every way. If two cards were dealt to shoot correctly, it would be quite awkward. It will be interesting to see how the club reacts to that.

In 1970, Rosenborg won silver in the series, and surely that must have been good, not least for a club that wasn’t used to it at the time? It was, however, a season the club was almost ashamed of. The team averaged less than one goal per game, 15 in 18 matches. This must not be allowed to happen again. It will be interesting to see.

note! Otherwise, in my opinion RBK has had no luck with the striker purchase.

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