Reader's Letter, Algard | Nice and good shops, but not enough space for everyone?

Reader's Letter, Algard |  Nice and good shops, but not enough space for everyone?

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Being lean and craving chocolate is not easy. At least not if you want to buy chocolate from Nile.

I've witnessed it.

Kidding aside. What I'm trying to say is: Here in Ålgård, we have many great stores that offer great and fun service. But not everyone has space for everyone between the shelves.

Does it have to be this way?

I myself am relatively fast and agile. But in recent years I've been going to malls with people who use wheelchairs/walkers. Many stores don't have room for that.

Does it have to be this way?

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Back to the Nile. When they were in the previous building in Amfi Ålgård, I complained a bit to the manager there about this accessibility issue. She was very understanding about this. And those who were shopping and could not find a place for their wheelchair among the shelves got a smile and were definitely in a special category.

But I'm disappointed and surprised that the new store seems less accessible.

Olgard is a great place to shop, and I think most people want to be able to do it without help.

Maybe small adjustments are sometimes needed to make room for everyone?

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