Ready for Olympic ticket final – injured Zuka uncertain – VG

Ready for Olympic ticket final – injured Zuka uncertain – VG

JORDAL AMFI (VG) (Norway-Slovenia 7-4) Mats Zuccarello put in a superb penalty before veterans Matisse Olympe and Mats Russele Olsen scored Norway’s fifth and sixth goals. Thus, the national ice hockey team will be ready for the fourth consecutive Olympic Games by defeating Denmark on Sunday.


Mats Zuccarello did not play the last third of the match, according to national team manager Peter Thorsen (60) due to his injury. After consulting with a Norway doctor, it was decided not to “provoke” the infection more than Zuka.

A reasonable decision, says Thoresen.

When asked if the Norway star would be ready to play in the final against Denmark, Thoresen replied that he thought the chance of that was one hundred percent – before adding that he was unsure.

The same uncertainty applies to Patrick Thoresen, who has yet to play in the Olympic qualifiers.

– He says we cross our fingers so that they can both play.

– If I were to shoot from my hip, I’d say 50/50, Andreas Martinsen answers questions about what he thinks the chance of winning against the Danes is – after stating that the team they have now is the best they’ve ever had.

– They have a small advantage for the player. But there is only one match to be played. He adds that we will do our best to manage it.

Christian Casastol (24) scored his second goal this evening when he scored 7-4 four minutes before the end, after passes from Andreas Martinsen and Michael Haga.

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Practically speaking, Peter Thøressen’s team had to beat Slovenia in the final Olympic qualifying match on Sunday – Norway and Denmark – to be a finalist for the right to compete in the Beijing Olympics in six months.

– It’s great to play for the crowd again. Playing international matches at home is what really matters. An incredibly enjoyable evening, Martin Roy Mark tells TV 2.

Joy in the box: Mats Zuccarillo received his teammates’ honor after his 4-2 penalty shootout in the second half of the Olympic qualifiers against Slovenia.

– It was sick pressure at first, so we were able to let them into the match twice. And it’s very nice to regain victory, sums up Røymark.

Slovenes with NHL stars Anže Kopitar (34) lost his opening match 3-4 to Denmark. It will be Slovenia’s last game against South Korea, by far the weakest team, in Sunday’s penultimate group game. Norway opened the Olympic qualifiers with a 4-1 score over South Korea, and Denmark beat the Koreans 11-1 on Saturday afternoon.

Norway, without injured veterans Jonas Holos (34) and Patrick Thoresen (37), I got to open the dream. Jean Drews was ejected after just three seconds. Mats Zuccarello (33) took care of the club and the hockey boys almost took the lead in the overtime match.

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Slovenia goalkeeper Jasper Krussel kept Norway out of life, but only for a short time. Martin Roy Mark He scored 1-0 after six minutes, in a sort of comeback himself – and three minutes later it was 3-0 after goals by Christian Casastole and Ken-Andre Olympe.

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The latter even in a four-on-five minority match when Erlind Lesund was sent off, and after Crossel left the last defense job for former Storhammar goalkeeper Luca Gracnar.

But then things went the usual way. With a three-goal lead, the hockey boys thought they could take things easy, and were taken to bed. Slovenia retreated twice in a minute and a half. And the second time, Robert Sabolic hit the ball behind Henrik Hokland in the goal of Norway, which was played by his teammates Druze and Kopetar.

The second period began with a sign of confusion under the supervision of the main referee duo. Henrik Haukeland was fired for the first time, for a reason that seems incomprehensible. Ken Andre Olymp was then placed in a situation involving Slovenia sent off – but according to the match captain, he qualified for a penalty shootout.

Mats Zuccarello dealt with this in a “Zuka” way.

Cheeky too – well, Mats Zuccarello – slower than Luca Gracnar – and, so to speak, in slow motion pushed the disc along the ice between the legs of the Slovenian goalkeeper.

Here’s a glimpse of how Zucca works in the NHL:

Subsequently, Norway’s only NHL player was on the verge of a 5-2 lead, before playing well with striker Thomas Valkvæ Olsen “on” Gracnar’s left post – and again the Norwegian would have taken a three-goal lead.

However, it was Captain Mathis Olympe (35 years old) who should receive the honor of putting the famous nail. Ken Andre Olimp (32) drilled the disc in a trademark fashion from the right round glove into the Slovenia defense zone, playing it for his older brother in the “longest position”.

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– I think we’re playing a great game, says Ken Andre Olympe.

Number Six: Mats Rosselli Olsen of Sweden cheers for his goal that gave Norway 6-2 in the second half.

A minute and a half later, the brothers were behind teammate Mats Rosselli Olsen 6-2. Then everything was supposed to be fine in the port, but Slovenia started the last normal stint at rocket speed and dropped twice on the rap – again. This time at 45 seconds, by Sabolic – in overtime play five against four – and Christian Sibon.

Then Andreas Martinsen was sent off, and then there was a danger – 13 minutes ago – on the way. He was avoided, albeit with the heart in his throat looking through Norwegian eyes.

note! Norway beat Denmark 5-3 in the decisive match when they qualified in Jordal Amphitheater in 2009 for the Olympics in Vancouver. In September 2016, Petter Thoresen’s national team was ready for the 2018 Olympics after a 2-1 victory over France in the last game at the same venue.

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