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Kai Ruben Havna (33) spent just one and a half rounds defeating Ervin Dzenic (34) of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a boxing competition in Berlin on Saturday night.


– It felt really good, says Havna, relieved to VG as he sits in the locker room half an hour after his 17th career win as many as possible.

he is He was excited before his first match two years and four months agoThe fracture, which became too long due to the Corona case. He himself received the aura in January, he wasn’t sure what his boxing and physical shape were.

– The plan was to be very patient, because I did not know how the disease affected me. So, I was also hesitant about the first round, Havna explains.

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Kai Ruben Havna (33) spent just one and a half rounds crushing Ervin Dzenic (34) of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a boxing competition…

Dzenic stood out with ten wins and four defeats before meeting Havna, and the strong Norwegian boxer was naturally the favourite. After the first round, as planned, was calm, there was work on the second round.

He struck first with a cruel oath that shook Dzenic, followed by a series of hits that confirmed the referee had stopped the match one minute and 15 seconds before the end of the second round.

– I don’t really remember what I hit, but I acted on instinct when I saw a hatch. I noticed that he staggered in my leg, and decided to continue driving. Then I wasn’t afraid of burning gunpowder, Havna says.

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Watch the recordings of the Berlin Boxing Conference:

Dzenic rested, demanding that he take the corner kick that everyone saw, not to mention the referee. After declaring a technical knockout in favor of Havna, he achieved 17 victories, 14 of which reached the knockout stage.

Before returning to Berlin Havna made it clear that anything but victory would suffice, and that he would bear the losses.

Hope for Arendal

Now there will likely be a new match in Havna before the summer, and possibly at home in Arendal.

At the start of the Corona period, Havna signed a boxing agreement for the world cruiserweight title against South African Kevin Lerina in the IBO.

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– Now I have to build on this, and get back in the ring ASAP against the best possible resistance. I have high hopes that things will go well with Arendal before the summer, says Havnaa, who travels with coach Uncle Erling Havnå and the rest of his team by bus from the German capital on Sunday morning.

Wasserman Boxing promoter Kaley Sauerland was fast in the ring and congratulated Havnaa on the win, and the 33-year-old can quickly prepare for big new fights in the next few months.

Note! VG + Sport also showcases the Boxing Conference that will take place in Oslo on Friday 1 April.

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