November 30, 2022


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Record the son of the President of Liberia to the United States

Record the son of the President of Liberia to the United States

(USA 1–1 Wales) Tim Weah (22) scored the first goal for the United States of the match. And hey, who scores goals – many have seen it before.

SCORT: Tim Weah scored for the USA national team against Wales on Monday night.

Tim Weah is a French citizen. The father is the President of Liberia and a former Ballon d’Or winner. The mother is from Jamaica. He himself was born in the United States.

Team Weah can choose between four national teams. His father, George Weah, played 75 caps and scored 18 goals for Liberia between 1986 and 2002. Baba Weah had an adventurous career in Europe and was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 1995.

But his son Tim chose the United States. And after 36 minutes in the first match of the World Cup against Wales, he scored the first goal of the match. From the stands in Doha, father Weah could proudly watch his son put the ball into the goal:

Proud Dad: George Weah took the pictures from the stands when his son took on Wales.

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– I didn’t think of anything else. My roots would obviously be my roots, but I grew up in the States. I’ve lived here all my life. My family and friends are here. I started playing with age-restricted national teams when I was 12, so I didn’t have to pick a country, says Tim Weh, who writes for Spain’s major newspaper dem.

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Tim Weah was born in Brooklyn, New York, and thus acquired US citizenship upon his arrival in the world, because the rules are in the US.

The 22-year-old is looking forward to playing Toiletwhile the parents watched.

– I am honored to represent my family on the biggest stage in history and to represent my country. Everyone is happy to live the dream through me.

George Weah has been living the soccer dream himself for many years. He played for major clubs such as Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan and Manchester City.

In the VIP stand: George Weah, third from right.

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After 82 minutes, the Welsh great and captain equalised, Gareth Bale, on a penalty kick. The punishment was of a very certain kind. The shot was powerful and placed not far from the right crossbar. The goalkeeper went the right way, but the ball went in.

Unlike his son, his father, George Weah, never played in the FIFA World Cup finals, because Liberia never managed to qualify.

Son Tim plays on a daily basis for the French Ligue 1 club. The club ranks seventh in Ligue 1 after 16 matches, 15 points behind league leaders Paris Saint-Germain.

The father was elected president the same year the son made his debut with the US national team, in 2018.