Record working hours expensive? You can do it yourself!

Record working hours expensive?  You can do it yourself!

Taking the car to a workshop for every little thing can quickly become very expensive. An hourly rate of around 2,000 NOK is not unusual at all. This also applies to simple things that do not require special tools or a lot of experience.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. At the same time, she acquires a pleasant pastime – and builds competence.

In this sense, creating a small Mecca space can be a very good investment.

Although cars are becoming increasingly advanced, there are still a few things that you can easily fix yourself.

These are some of the things you can do

Change wheels, change the oil, get a general service, change the lights, change the fuel filters, change the brakes, fix the exhaust systems, or modify equipment such as stereo systems or additional lights – these are among the things that many can It’s a lot of people doing it themselves, says Broom auto expert Benny Christensen.

He started his bicycle workshop at the age of eleven, in an old chicken house. He decided that he was going to be a car mechanic already in his childhood. And it was.

I’ve always liked to mess around and fix things. It started with my toy cars, I screwed the alarm to a nut and never put it back together…then continued with the cars. I owned a car before the moped – and yes, it kind of lasted.

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Buy screwdrivers first

What was the first tool you bought?

– I grew up on a small farm, so we had quite a few tools at home, but mostly we had carpentry tools. I wasn’t interested in that, the first thing I can remember when I bought with my own money was a set of fixed wrenches at FĂ„berg Samvirkelag. Its cost is 59 NOK. I still have some of these keys – more than 40 years later. I remember later that it was big when I bought my electric drill. Bush. It is located in the garage and works well to this day.

– And what is the latest new acquisition of the interface of the tool?

– It’s so new that I haven’t got it yet. Special pliers that you use when you “build” spark plug cables yourself. Ordered from the US and will probably arrive in a few days now.

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He uses one thing more than anything else

– Because you’re still messing around in the garage?

– Absolutely. The last thing I did there was a charging repair on my old Volvo, Broom-Benny continues.

There is not much that is required in terms of tools and equipment before you can arrange the simple things on your own. Then you can blow in the car workshop and save a good chunk of money.

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