Recording conversations: – Google “kills” recording apps

Recording conversations: - Google "kills" recording apps

On Android, there are many applications that can record phone calls, so that after the call you can save an audio file with what was said.

Now Google warns that these apps face a dark future. From May 11, Google will change the rules for developers so that they can no longer exploit the “hole” to record audio in conversations:

– Accessibility API (jet app, journal note) is not designed and cannot be required to remotely record audio in conversations, as stated in Instructions from Google.

according to Reddit user NLL APPS This isn’t the first time Google has wanted these apps for life. In Android 6, the company blocked access to recording phone calls, and in Android 10, the ability to record audio from the microphone during calls was also removed. Then, these apps used accessibility functions to work, which is no longer possible now.

The standard calling application, that is, the application installed by the manufacturer, will still be able to record phone calls and will not be affected by this change. System apps can have extended rights in relation to those you download from the Play Store, notes Android salad.

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