Recycling and tips for Christmas gifts big and small – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Recycling and tips for Christmas gifts big and small - NRK Culture and Entertainment

The calendar shows the month of November, and many people feel their pulse rise and panic when they think of all the Christmas gift purchases that await them.

Now that prices have skyrocketed and many wallets have softened, is it time to take new steps?

Recycling influencer Ingrid Vic Lissen and Pengsnack profiler Liz Vermelade Christophersen have plenty of advice to offer. And see seven Christmas gift tips at the end of the article!

Reflection: Ingrid Vic Lissen says it’s time to reflect on the lives we live and the gifts we give. Maybe it’s time to change your Christmas gift strategy.

Photo: Marius Reiner Christensen/NRK

Make your gift list shorter

Kristofferson, who has podcast Pengesnakk He is the author of the book of the same name, I think you must be thinking of Christmas gifts already.

Plan and get out at the right time. tTalk to friends about giving gifts or not.

And you think it’s important to limit the number of gifts It will make both the experience and the gifts better.

– The key is Make the gift list a little shorter. Not only to reduce consumption, but to be able to spend more time on those who are left. So don’t rush to buy 14 gifts on Christmas Eve. There will be expensive and thoughtless gifts.

Liz Vermelade Christofferson

Gift lovers: Lise Vermelid Kristoffersen happily gives advice. She believes we should shrink our gift list to maximize the feeling of giving.

Photo: André Børke/NRK

not doubled

The Black Friday shopping and discount party has taken over the kingdom this year on November 25th.

The money advisor says you should happily buy Christmas gifts on this day — but then it’s important not to think “If I get this gift so cheap, I must have bought more.”

Then you only contribute to the pressure to give gifts and the anticipation of how to give each other expensive gifts. The recipient does not know the cost of the gift.

She also advises people to buy used products. And if you’re not sure if the other person will appreciate it, take the initiative wisely.

Ingrid Fick Lisne - Reuse Money

Toys: Scissors and sewing kit are welcome when making DIY gifts. Ingrid Vic Lisne is overwhelmed with the joy of recycling.

Photo: Marius Reiner Christensen/NRK

Tell yourself you want used gifts for yourself or your kids. It’s a good way to see if the other person is open to it.

used – FShame on success

Recycling influencer Ingrid Vick Lissen believes that in these times it is more appropriate than ever to give used gifts. She encourages everyone to adopt the trend used.

Giving something can turn out to be something for you Shame on you for being your best gifts!

Ingrid Fick Lisne - Reuse Money

Creative: Maybe you can find some gifts to give on your bookshelves? And why not try writing a song for someone you love.

Photo: Marius Reiner Christensen/NRK

She herself has hit the mark at home, and her better half has received and appreciated second-hand gifts.

I bought used skates for my girlfriend last year in Finn, and it worked. As long as you have the right shoe size, you just have to choose it.

Lysne also believes that it’s much easier to buy used if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Ask the person what they want, the more specific the better. Then search Finn or other websites, and mention the item used.

Ingrid Fick Lisne - Reuse Money

SEWING: Ingrid Vic Lissen is a sewing machine’s best friend. And she believes that reuse is gold, both for us as humans and for the planet.

Photo: Marius Reiner Christensen/NRK

And you don’t even have to go beyond your shelves and drawers. Lysne spread happiness and excitement by giving away items she used too.

– I gShe once gave some Ray Ban sunglasses to a friend. I knew they would dress her up, and it was a successful gift in every way. She was so happy and I didn’t spend a penny.

Ingrid Fick Lisne - Reuse Money

Fabric: Curtains, pillows, or other fabrics can be used for sewing and making new creations. Then you can get the real recycling magic.

Photo: Marius Reiner Christensen/NRK

Absolutely insane overconsumption

But for Vic Lesnen, gifting used isn’t just about saving money. We can make a gift to the capsule, and at the same time deal a blow to the planet.

We live in a society with absolutely insane overconsumption. Too many, too, and the gifts are getting more and more plentiful. If we can give things that are already there, so much better for the climate and the environment.

So what is the gift you are most proud of? There must have been a time when she gave new life to something old and dear.

– My grandmother had a little embroidered tablecloth. I sewed a cross bow for my grandfather. The cloth is back in new shape. It was a warm gift.

Forget the 7 types of cake, here are 7 birthday gift ideas!

The illustration shows the key to spinning and spinning.

Give something homemade.

Write a song, tie a headband, or make homemade granola. Then you give a little piece of your heart at the same time.

The illustration shows painting equipment and a gift card describing that a person will come and paint the bedroom as a gift.

known abandonment.

The joy will be great if you offer to paint, come to cook or change tires. But remember to implement services!

The illustration shows a tray with cookies and coffee.

give up an experience.

And it can be completely free! Invite them on a ski trip, and make hot cocoa and home-baked pastries.

The illustration shows a pair of glasses and a glasses case wrapped with gift ribbon.

Give something you have!

“Regifting” (passing gifts) is very popular. For example, offer a book in which you write a nice greeting and mark some favorite sections to show more interest.

The black and white illustration shows an app on a phone with a pair of used shoes for sale

Use used apps!

If you know which clothing brand your friends love and wear the most, enter it on Finn or recycle apps like Tise. Then you can easily buy those brands and you can make a deal.

The black and white illustration shows a sewing machine, chess, string, and used clothing.

Give new life to old things.

Maybe there is a little creator in you? Bring on the sewing machine and get creative!

The illustration shows a gift with a gift ribbon and text "Merry Christmas to you" And a heart.

Give something personal.

Show that you thought of this person when buying or making the gift. Have you seen someone lose something? Nothing beats things that gain sentimental value.

As written by Alf Bruisen:

She definitely wants it, and she will definitely be happy, which is a useful thing that no one can deny!

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