Red-listed bird species have disappeared from the islands


— Two are said to have gone ashore at dusk and destroyed nests and broken eggs. It has the hallmarks of a well-planned operation, says Jan Helge Kjøstvet, sea lion manager at Birdlife (formerly the Norwegian Ornithological Society).

The bird population has declined significantly over the past two years The nest is built On the Bergshaven Islands in Lillesand.

Their presence this year Red list Bird species Hood Gull and Mackerel Tern are completely absent from the islands.

Bird life Aust-Octor believes this is due to environmental crime on the islands. This prompts state wildlife inspectors to react.

– If this is true, it is a serious violation Natural Diversity Act. It’s a character I don’t remember hearing east of Aktor, says Arild Pfaff at the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate.

Bird conservationists have complained about this. According to Lillesands-Boston The municipality is considering doing the same.

Arild Pfaff of the state nature survey believes serious violations of the Natural Diversity Act may have been committed.

Photo: Geir Ingar Eigland / NRK

A count of nests on the islands carried out by the State Administrator in Akter in collaboration with the State Naturalist and Ornithologist Aust-Octer showed that only sea urchins remained on the islands.

– Herring gulls start nesting later than other species, so it is natural that they are still found on the islands, says Kjøstvet.

Under investigation

The police have registered a case and are investigating. They are now working to gather as much information as possible about what happened on the islands.

– We have taken several witness interviews and will do more interviews in the future, says Hans Christian Feldsgaard, acting head of the investigation at Lillesund.

At present, no one is in doubt in this case.

– We are interested in tips. If anyone has information about this case, they can contact the police, says Fjeldsgård.

According to Kjøstvedt, such events are often caused by collisions between buildings and seabirds.

Jan Helge Kjøstvedt

Jan Helge Kjøstvedt of Birdlife believes that environmental crime on the Berkshaven Islands appears to be a deliberate act.

Photo: Private

Considering the review

The municipality of Lillesand has not yet reported a possible environmental crime, but is following the case closely.

– We take the matter very seriously as it threatens the natural diversity in the archipelago. These species are endangered and it is important to take care of them, says Keir Jensen, municipal director in Lillesund.

Hood Gull

The hooded bull is one of the most common bulls, but they are rare in Norway. Between 2015 and 2021, the Norwegian Red List of Species is listed as Vulnerable.

Photo: Vigdis Veie Rosvoll

– A review may be appropriate after the holidays. Knowing more about the seriousness of the case, he adds.

According to Fjeldsgård, violations of the Biodiversity Act are usually punishable with fines.

Environmental crime is one of the fastest growing crimes in recent years.

From 2017 to 2021, the number of recorded crimes by the legislature showed an increase of more than 21 percent.

– The case is our priority. He says the police take environmental crimes seriously Hill farm.

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