– Redefining what’s possible – VG

– Redefining what’s possible – VG
Brawl: The name Carsten Warholm has been in the history books for a long time. Coming back from injury, the 26-year-old will try something no one has ever succeeded in: three consecutive World Cup gold medals in the 400m hurdles.

Former world 400m hurdles champion Die Green (36) honors Karsten Warholm (26) for VG. But this time, the British do not believe in Norwegian gold.


For me, it’s the best ever. He single-handedly redefined what is possible in the 400m hurdles. He excels across the board, praising the former world 400m hurdles champion Die Green to VG.

He is one of 13 athletes to win a gold medal at the World Cup at distance. It happened in 2011, but since then the exercises, led by Warholm, have developed to new heights.

In the Olympic final in Tokyo, Sonmoringen lowered the world record to 45.94 seconds, and during this summer’s World Cup in Eugene, he was chasing another kind of record.

There, Warholm could be the first to win three consecutive World Cup gold medals in long hurdles. Greene predicts a similar race as in Tokyo, where the fastest, second-fastest and fourth time ever have been set.

– When I look at the results from Tokyo, it’s quite clear that new track technology and new shoe technology have raised the bar. In addition, the high temperatures helped the athletes perform at their best. I suspect we’ll see something similar in Oregon, where there’s a new track and warm weather, says the 36-year-old.

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Green talks about the Olympics that was Referred to as a “trampoline” of practitioners and about The super shoes that distinguish athletics.

Warholm will test the 400m hurdles in the water on Saturday, July 16th. Warholm will come out in the third heat starting at 22.34.

World Champion: Die Green.

Warholm has only started one race this season. During the inaugural race in Rabat, Morocco, he sustained a treasure injury that immediately raised fears of the possibility of participating in the World Cup.

It has now been confirmed that the 26-year-old will start, and Green doesn’t necessarily think a lack of competition will be an issue for Warholm.

– We are used to seeing Warholm give everything from the first meter. He always delivers fast times. We can only assume that he trained enough nests over a long period of time, to feel sufficiently prepared. So I don’t think a lack of races would be a factor. He believes the most important factor is the amount of training he lost due to the injury.

This year, the fastest man in the world is Alison dos Santos, who ran 46.80 in Stockholm. The silver medal winner from Tokyo Ray Benjamin came in second with a score of 47.04. Who sees Warholm as the biggest competitor?

– Now I don’t think you can separate Ray and Dos Santos. Rai has been my strongest competitor for three years now, and dos Santos has sailed as a great runner in the 400 hurdles, Warholm told VG.

He believes the 400m hurdles have a “golden generation” and is happy that the level is up, although he has struggled with injury recently.

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– You really have to fight for it. Wins are the best. No victory tastes as good as Tokyo, when the standard was incredibly high. Now you feel really alive. Now I know I won’t get anything for free, says the Norwegian Hope.

Although Green calls Warholm “the greatest of all time”, the world champion since 2011 does not believe the Norwegian will emerge victorious for the third time in a row in Eugene.

Despite Warholm’s good history, I think one should consider dos Santos and Benjamin as candidates. I saw a 47.04 race for Benjamin, and it was a mess. Obviously, it could drop again in the 46’s.

Dos Santos is technically brilliant and constantly improving. Wants confidence to shock others. The three will distribute the medals among themselves, but all eyes will be on Warholm in the first round and semi-finals, to see if he is in good shape to defend his title, concludes Green.

The World Championships in Athletics runs from 15-24. July. The tournament is broadcast on NRK.

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