Refuses to answer questions – VG

Refuses to answer questions - VG

Former President Donald Trump arrived at the New York attorney general’s office on Wednesday. Trump said he refused to answer the attorney general’s questions, according to Reuters.


The former president waved to the assembled press as he left Trump Tower in New York for a short drive to the attorney general’s office, also in Manhattan.

Reuters reported that Trump has now made a statement that he will not answer questions during the interrogation.

– She refused to answer the questions, as every citizen has the right according to the US Constitution, Trump said in the statement.

Moreover, she says that Trump himself asked the previous question “If you are innocent, why fail to answer?” , but now he writes, “Now I know the answer to that question.”

– When your family, your company and all the people around you become the target of a baseless politically motivated witch hunt, backed by lawyers, prosecutors and the fake news media, you have no choice, quotes The New York Times Trump from the statement.

The interrogation has been cited as a critical turning point in a long-running investigation into Trump’s business dealings.

According to the New York Times, there is a lot at stake for Trump, who has been trying to avoid questioning for months.

interrogation Not related to the search From the Trump residence in Florida on Monday night.

On the way: Trump as he leaves Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to head to the attorney general’s office, also in Manhattan, New York.

“Did not matter”

Rejecting accusations that there is a witch hunt against him is a familiar tone from Trump, Dag Blank, professor of North American studies at Uppsala University, tells VG.

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– Since he became president, there have been many different investigations, and according to Trump, all investigations are about him being a victim, says the professor.

What is normal that will happen next?

I will now assume the ball is in the District Court to assess whether the evidence is strong enough to move the case forward without Trump’s testimony.

Plank believes that while judgment and potential punishment will not have a positive effect on Trump’s potential political career, it could mean much less for Trump than it might mean for other politicians.

For those who are already loyal supporters of it, it does not matter. They think this is politically motivated persecution and believe in it anyway. For those who don’t like Trump, this will be confirmation that Trump is evil. The interesting thing is what this will mean for those in the middle. Will any of them say “enough”? asks the American connoisseur.

USA Expert: Dag Blank is Professor of North American Studies at Uppsala University.

Subpoena for contempt of court

In April, Donald Trump was summoned for contempt of court after he failed to deliver required documents to New York’s attorney general, Letitia James.

45 President of the United States Incorrect reviews are investigatedr, and must pay $10,000 for each day that he does not turn in documents requested by the court. The deadline was March 31.

Letitia James is investigating whether Trump has stated the wrong value of his property in order to get a better financial starting point for loans and insurances, as well as tax benefits.

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Writes NBC News James’ office is considering whether to file a civil lawsuit against Trump and the Trump Company, and is said to have “disclosed significant evidence showing numerous misrepresentations in Trump’s accounts submitted to banks, insurance companies and the IRS.”

Trump lawyers He claims to have filed the charges against him.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, says the research is due to the US National Archives’ desire to turn over more documents.

– witch hunting

Trump previously posted about the summons in harsh terms on his Truth Social, and the following about his meeting with the attorney general:

– What a continuation of the largest witch hunt in American history! My wonderful companions and I are under attack from all sides. Banana Republic!

Banana Republic is a derogatory term used for many small, politically unstable countries in Latin America.

several things

There are a number of different criminal cases currently underway against the former President of the United States.

The FBI had long been investigating Trump’s role in the storming of Congress in January 2021, when Joe Biden was due to be approved for election victory.

In Georgia, Donald Trump’s attempt to alter the election results is under investigation.

In Washington, D.C., a government attorney sued Trump for paying more than $1 million to his family business in connection with his job in January 2017.

They are also investigating the former president of Westchester County, New York. There, the Trump Organization is being investigated for deceiving local authorities when it stated the value of a golf course, with the aim of lowering taxes.

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