Registration numbers believe chronic corona infection

Registration numbers believe chronic corona infection

Although more and more people are fully vaccinated, more and more people believe that corona eruption will be a long-term affair.

This shows the latest statistics from a study conducted by Opinion, a market analysis firm. More than 42,000 Norwegians responded Survey.

Results show that one in three Norwegians (34 percent) believe the corona eruption will last more than two years.

Many, or 34 percent, believe the eruption will last up to a year, while only 6 percent believe the corona eruption will be over in six months.

The rest (26 percent) of respondents to the survey expect the eruption to last up to two years.

– Senior consultant Nora Clausen comments that the fact that most people think the infection will last a long time may be the result of a collective recognition that a high vaccine dose is not a guarantee for a low infection.

Unknown effect

Recently, the FHI informed TV2 Uncertain about the effect of the third dose.

R. F. Berg, FHI’s Chief Physician, pointed out that the FHI still does not “know much about the effect of a refreshing dose”.

– We know it has an effect, but we do not know enough about how big it is and how long it will last, he said.

Health service under the pressure of many groups

Marked for the last few weeks Infection records, And Norway has set a new epidemic record of 2,552 people infected in a single day this week. In the last 24 hours, 2,364 cases of infection have been reported nationwide.

Fears more executives: FHI Line Voltin department head explains why infections are now on the rise Photo: Martin Fønnebø / TV 2

Many more are being vaccinated. Nevertheless, the FHI says they It is feared that the number of hospital admissions will increase until Christmas.

Led to several infectious events Many Admissions at St. Olav Hospital, And many hospitals have increased readiness.

Absence due to illness has also increased among nurses, At the same time the situation of many large hospitals in the country is so stressful that they have to postpone operations.

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