Reindeer owners in Fossen report wind energy developers to Økokrim – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

Reindeer owners in Fossen report wind energy developers to Økokrim – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

Roan Vind DA review comes from the northern group of reindeer owners in Fosen, Nord Fosen siida.

This is happening at the same time that the state, developers and affected reindeer owners are conducting mediations and negotiations with national mediator Mats Rolland.

The reason is that they believe that energy production in the disputed mountainous areas violates the energy law and criminal law.

These are criminal matters and should be investigated by the police. In our opinion, the conditions for opening an investigation have been met. A. says:MP for Nord-Fosen siida, Knut Helge Horum.

When the Rouen Wind Power Plant was completed in 2019, it was the largest wind power plant in the country with 71 turbines.

Photo: Ingrid Lindgaard Stranden/No

He cannot access the area

On October 11, 2021, the Supreme Court declared the development concessions for the Storhia and Rouen wind power plants invalid.

The reason is that it violates the opportunity available to reindeer owners to practice culture in accordance with the United Nations Convention on Civil and Political Rights, SP 27.

Since then, energy has been produced and sold from the area for about two years.

Horum believes this violates the energy law, because the energy law prohibits the production of energy without a valid license.

Lawyer Knut Helge Hurum.

Nordfossen-Seda’s lawyer, Knut Helge Horum

Photo: Eric Leong

But the report is not least about the opportunity to be able to use the mountainous areas at all.

The lawyer believes The Supreme Court decision also covers the forfeiture permit.

That is, opportunity Energy companies were forced to use the mountains, as the Supreme Court declared them invalid. The so-called estimate was rejected.

The lawyer believes this means that electricity companies are currently using these areas illegally.

– According to the Supreme Court ruling, wind energy companies do not have legal access to these areas. Horum says they are using the area illegally and is punishable by criminal law.

He is supported, among others, by Professor Inge Lorange Bakker and lawyer Erik Kesrud.

It has several hundred million in revenue

Roan Vind is owned by Aneo Roan Vind Holding and Nordic Wind Power. In the distribution, sixty/forty percent.

Aneo Vind Holding is once again owned by Aneo and Stadtwerke München.

Aneo estimates that their annual income in Rouen is around NOK 300 million.

The violation of the rights of reindeer owners to engage in cultural activities lies in the granting of a license for renewable energy production in Rouen, and not in the construction or operation of the wind farm in Rouen, says Stig Tore Laugen at Rouen Find.

Photo by Stig Toure Laugen

Stig Tore Laugen at Ruan Fiend believes that the violation of the rights of reindeer owners lies in the granting of the concession, not in the construction or operation.

Photo: Kirsti Kringstad/NRK

He also points out that the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and State is the one that granted the license and is responsible for obtaining a new, valid license.

The facility, located in the Roan Mountains, consists of 71 turbines and was the largest in Norway when completed in 2019.

It appears that the issue between the state, developers and reindeer herders in the area has reached a dead end.

Since May, the parties have been holding talks and negotiations with national mediator Mats Rolland for assistance.

No fear of spoiling the negotiations

The Nordfossen-Seda leader is not afraid that the report will spoil something for the climate around the negotiating table.

– That this would destroy the possibility of reaching an agreement does not worry me much, they are running their own race anyway, says Terry Haugen.

He believes that the time has come to take action to review the legality of the handling of the Vossen case.

Terry Haugen, Marti Muse Bernsen

Nord-Fosen Siida leader, Thierry Haugen, holds talks in 2021 in Rouen with then Minister of Oil and Energy Martti Mjos Persen (AFP).

Photo: Ingrid Lindgaard Stranden/No

– We think it’s special that you chose to report Roan Vind for this now, especially when there is an ongoing process to find a solution, says Laugen.

Okokrem confirms that they received the report.

A decision has not yet been made on whether Okokrem will investigate the circumstances in the report, Okokrem’s police lawyer, Ida Slitjo, tells NRK.

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